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Re: PLEASE Curezone people I NEED YOUR HELP!! by Johny Apple Bomb ..... Oil Pulling & Oil Swishing Forum

Date:   1/15/2007 8:53:19 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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3) is there a way to just flat out RID HER BODY of hepatitis B whether she is a carrier, chronic or not? Can liver damage, cirrohis be cured?

The "Beck Protocol" will get rid of the pathogen but whatever damage done will have to heal on its own.

While officially the cure for all microbial diseases was found in 1990, in fact, this cure was a repeat of several earlier cures which were ignored by orthodox medicine. All the cures use electromedicine, which was described in medical textbooks before 1910. It was around 1910 when Rockefeller, who had purchased pharmaceutical companies, took over all the medical schools and forced them to abandon electromedicine and herbal medicine. He had the blessings of a corrupt Congress (deja vu).

Here is a small sample of diseases which can be cured with electromedicine:

1) AIDS / HIV,
2) Hepatitis A,
3) Hepatitis B,
4) Hepatitis C,
5) Rheumatoid Arthritis (except for the physical damage already done),
6) Bubonic Plague,
7) Malaria,
8) Cholera,
9) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,
10) Ebola Virus Hemorrhagic Fever,
11) Lyme Disease,
12) Yellow Fever,
13) Dengue Fever,
14) Epstein Barr,
15) Austism (in most cases),
16) and many, many others.

All of these diseases can be cured with the Bob Beck Protocol, which actually was based on the discovery made by two medical doctors in 1990. The two medical doctors should have won the Nobel Prize, but instead their discovery was crushed because they had found a way to cure AIDS / HIV.

The late Bob Beck, a PhD in physics and an expert in electromedicine, hired a private detective to find the details about their discovery. With this information he found a way to implement their discovery. All of this is very, very well documented because the two doctors filed for a patent in 1993 and described their research. See this article related to AIDS:
Bob Beck Protocol

The treatment does vary a little from disease to disease, but common sense, and an understanding of what causes the disease, can generally lead to the correct protocol.


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