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Re: massage the morgellons out by betta ..... Morgellons Disease Forum

Date:   1/17/2007 8:27:23 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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I just found an article that I had printed out while following biologicalterrain at yahoo groups. Ted, the moderator, said that "they" live on metals and calcium. When I started there I immediately stopped eating dairy, which I had been consuming in large amounts because of following the SCD diet, and believe it or not, potatoes. Yes, potatoes have high amounts of calcium, and so do broccoli, kale, and what's the other green thing in that family? I hate to upset you like this and tell you that kale may not be good for you right now and that you should immediately stop eating it. Oh, collards, yes, that's the other one.

The body soak that I am using is found at You add something called Energy Vitality Balance to your drinking water(just thinking about the name of it can do great things for you), you add 3-6 drops of the oral drops that correspond to the body soak, and then you add 2-6 ounces of the body soak to a tub of warm water and soak for 30-40 minutes 3 times a week. (My friend that also has heavy metal poisoning, and who by the way had been complaining about itching terribly and not being able to get rid of it or sleep, have a hard time staying out of the soak. We do it more often than 3 times a week because of the relief it gives.) The soak to remove heavy metals and chemicals is called COF Extra, named after coffee because most of the coding is from the coffee bean. I actually started drinking some good coffee when I found that out.

My husband started drinking the EVB water but didn't feel like doing the soaks. After several days he started to get pain in the jaw on the whole right side of his face. After having it for three days and not being able to sleep at night he finally told me about it. I reasoned that maybe the EVB water was starting movement of mercury from past Amalgam fillings out of his jaw, and since he had to go to work I made a solution of 50% COF soak and 50% water. He sprayed it on his face and went to work. He said it took care of the pain really quickly, and that yes, he was glad that he married me.

DNR also has a body soak for parasites, but in a case like Morgellons I would think it would be better to get the metals out first, don't you? The metals are what support them, right? You could call there and ask for Ken, I think he's there every day. If not, the only other person I would talk to with a condition like this is Jerry, and he's there only on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I have to warn you, though, getting the metals out at least for me has caused some anxiety at times. But maybe most of yours is in your skin. Mine is in my brain and digestive tract because of having so many Amalgam fillings for so long.

DNR has a body soak that gets out silica that women who have had implants that leak use. I think that's what put them on the map.

H2O2 would only kill the bacterial part of the morgellons, and at the same time it's sterilizing your skin. So it is very counterproductive. I'm sure that when the ones that make it though replicate with a vengence.

As for the connection between CO2? I'm not sure, but I will take a crazy guess. Ted at biologicalterrain said that you can kill some by making your body alkaline and some by making your body acid. When you breath into a bag and are inhaling CO2, you are doing something to the pH of your body. Which way is the pH going, up or down? I'll look in my book. I know you breath into a bag when you are hyperventilating, which would be providing too much oxygen, which, yes, makes your body too alkaline, so CO2 makes your body acid. Voila! Maybe that's why coffee has been making me feel better. I'm not kidding you when I say that I eat a nice healthy orange, get abdominal pains, and something tells me to drink coffee, I do, and the pain goes away almost immediately. Acid. I can't remember what I said in the last message about "something telling me". All I can tell you is that it's happenning a lot lately. I believe in God, and I believe he is good, and I think he led me to where I am now and is helping me. Very, very frequently I have to call DNR and ask them questions about their products. I don't live on intuition alone. I also call my friend who told me about it almost every day. It's not a total walk in the park for me because I have so many problems and have had them for so long. I believe DNR products are freeing my body from heavy metals that have been in my body for years, and my brain is starting to work so much better that it's scary.

Well, there you go, the cure for all your woes. Did I forget anything? If so I'll get back to you later. They let me use the computer here whenever I want because it keeps me quiet for awhile.

Talk to you later,

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