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Date:   1/18/2007 11:51:39 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Chemtrails, Nanotech & Morgellons

Chemtrails, Nanotech, and Morgellons
Posted by: "norgesen" norgesen
Fri Dec 29, 2006 5:27 am (PST)
Chemtrails, Nanotech, and Morgellons
November 24, 2006 – So you thought you'd seen it all? You thought all chemtrails were a myth? Have you looked upward in the last decade? Nope? This information can change 'whirled' views. This is possibly a form of hyper-virus delivered, as usual, in plane [sic] sight. Full story: blog.myspace. com Library of videos and data

Chemtrails Nano-Tech and The Hyper-Virus - Morgellons
Written by Administrator
Monday, 13 November 2006
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 20 December 2006 )
UPDATED Article and Videos
In the mid 1990s we began seeing strange formations of long strands of "cloud" globally. Despite debunking attempts and Roswell-like diversions like cloud seeding by the various high ranking military and aviation groups it became clear by 2000AD that chemtrails were a real, tangiable phenomena.

Cliff Carnicom lists 7 possible reasons for this aerosol spraying end-game. As with many omega-point systems we're unable to reduce this to a singular cause or binary choice. Chemtrails are a high level covert black project and as we've said elsewhere - one they've kept locked down for a decade.

These include: HAARP related stratospheric communication, ELF Wave communication, plasma and ionisation, military techniques for pan-optic viewing, a method of tracking and or disrupting UFO visitation, population reduction via toxins etc. Just one fallout from chemtrails found over the years was various forms of fibers, tubes and fungus. Up until recently what these did to human's was not known. This may have changed and the consequences are bizzare.

The psuedo illuminoids bring you a precursor to the FinalDeception in the possible form of a decades ahead hyper-agent delivered, as usual, in plain sight.

Chimera - Silcon Based A.I. Bio-Systems Coming to a Nervous-System Near You

The nano-bug has several kinds of intelligence including what micro-biologists call 'quorum sensing' - essentially this means cells communicate on a non-local [or hive] level. This element of things is backed up by personal experience of the illness where individuals noticed that the fibers responded in bizzare ways to various environmental input. For example - the 'organism' will climb out of a bleach solution in a few hours if given a method of escape.

It's interesting that few people, even ion the so-called left-field research area, are prepared to confront just what this agent could be. Once you spenmd some time understanding even basic biology and bio-warfare you can only conclude that it exists outside of any consensus philosophy.

Here's is part 5 of a six [currently] part series on the Jeff Rense show. Rense is perhaps the most erudite of internet radio hosts and covers a vast range of topics... many that others won't even approach. See
Most of the shows on this issue are currently available for download free. To get a grip on this area you need to listen to the full series.

For more you need to subscribe to the archive - or ask us for the odd show

Morgellons and Chemtrails Investigation : Audio

-> Click to stream audio

See also:

Cliff Mickelsons's support forum for those afflicted and researchers:
oup.proboards23. com/

Here's on of many news releases on how this is panning out - it's obvious that the medical profession and disease control organisations accross the board have no clue as to how to deal with this.

More here - American/ Dutch researcher claims:

"Also I can assure You that this infectious agent is a rather slow but a dangerous one and all will become topic number one."

"The organism is a stray (non disclosed) target of a proteome research center."

Doing some creative background work allows us to conclude the following:

1.. The agent is NOT CARBON BASED - that is it is a leap beyond anything we are currently aware of.
2.. The agent was probably created as part of military/corporate secret bio-research influenced by genome advances.
3.. The agent can be spread by a number of vectors including person to person.
4.. The agent, when mapped to macro level, has intelligence, links into the DNA/RNA signals of the host and is more likely to disable [or send the host insane] than kill outright.
5.. Due to the fact the agent can remain dormant in humans - it is totally possible that vast numbers of the population are already carrying.
6.. Morgellons [current name for the explicit result of the agent] cases have been recorded on every continent but the artic.
The fact there is evidence that the spores which produce this agent are being 'seeded' by aerosol spraying - which we already know occurs on every continent - of course shifts the whole game. The Spanish Flu which was based on the current "bird flu" and coded H1N1 which killed millions at the end of WW1 apparently leaked from a US military lab. This may have been the case but the fact the ultimate in bio-agents may be being distributed globally from the air on the population moves us onto a new level.

This aspect of things is currently being explored and will be posted when done.

Link: Futher micro-bio videos here

Utopiated local search for chemtrails AKA aerosols

http://www.utopiate hty/misc/ chemtrails_ nano-tech_ and_the_hyper- virus_-_morgello ns.html


The Secret of Washington D.C.
"The situation seems to me to be thus: An immense democracy, mostly ignorant and completely secluded from foreign influences and without any knowledge of other states of society, with great contempt for history and experience, finds itself in possession of enormous power and is eager to use it in brutal fashion against any one who comes along without knowing how to do it, [emphasis in the original], and is therefore constantly on the brink of some frightful catastrophe. .." (E.L. Godkin, Editor, the Evening Post, writing in 1895, quoted in The Martial Spirit, Walter Millis, Literary Guild of America, 1931, p. 38). Full story: incapabledesetaire. com

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