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Re: massage the morgellons out by betta ..... Morgellons Disease Forum

Date:   1/18/2007 9:30:44 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Hello, I'm glad to hear you're not a bloke. That makes me more comfortable. For today, this forum will do. I was in bed, it's 10PM here, and this is maybe the first time in a while that I was going to bed because it's time to go to bed and not because I'm collapsing. The first set of soaks that I did were for parasites, and didn't leave me so exhausted as the heavy metal one. Today I feel as though I am over the worst of it, but I don't know why. But I thought I would come down and tell you something that someone at dnr told me yesterday. Their products are coded to have counter frequencies to the parasites,and frequencies that are the opposite, what would be the word, for humans. So while I am thinking, thinking, thinking, about what to do, here I have right with me the most important thing I need and someone did all the thinking. I can eat food that will help, but just in case i don't, the dnr stuff will take up the slack and help me keep getting better anyway. I am so much better than I was less than two months ago. The dnr stuff does provide the energies that raise our body's energy, maybe similar to what the lifetechnology site. I didn't spend a lot of time at lifetech, but I think I saw some electrical stuff. It's important to never apply outside electricity to our bodies, though, I believe; that will be counterproductive in the long run. We have to raise our body's own energy. maybe that's what they talk about there, I don't know.
I am glad to hear that the oatmeal makes you feel better. The reason it may bother me so much is that I have a lot of internal problems, maybe what most would call celiac, but maybe more likely has something to do with the Lyme since it appeared around the same time as all the other stuff. Tomorrow I will list for you the other foods that contain the best carbon. Yes, and if you can figure out something to eat that has potassium and a good sodium, that will help your body form it into flesh. The other day when I was talking about cherry juice, I looked it up and saw that it has a lot of potassium. I know Celery contains a very good form of sodium.

The things that help them replicate are the things that Jensen lists as what are needed in conjuction with carbon in order for cells to be formed. I am sure they studied "life" in order to come up with their creatures.

Thanks for the explanation about lyme + morg. Sad story! I know that dnr stuff works for lyme, I think it would work for morg. I would love to tell the whole world, but even if it did, you just can't go around telling everyone.

Have to go to bed.

I'm Betta, you're Notalone

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