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Re: massage the morgellons out by Bythc ..... Morgellons Disease Forum

Date:   1/19/2007 12:51:00 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Notalone thank you for the response. I often feel no one listens to me. My daughter has asthma and I've been useing Euc oil to help her with that for years. Over here if you have the cash you can pretty much get anything you want, except a good MD. I have a rich friend with this and his doctors are as sorry as mine. Here is my foot story. I grew up in Florida near the beach. I either didn't wear shoe, or I wore flip flops. Long before I came down with this my feet had these cracks that like dirt in them that wouldn't wash out and there was this funky thing going on with my toenails, there was what seemed to be dry skin under the nails that was pushing up on the nails and my feet were pretty dry. After that I thought I step on something and ended up getting a cyst in my foot. The cyst was removed by a doctor. Funny thing right before my last appointment with this guy my lower back went out. I still have problems with that now, along with other stiffness. That's another story. For the next six years I'm sorta alright, except the skin on my face start to wrinkle and I start growing alot of hair on my face I chalk that up to the change of life. Then along comes the hurricanes. I end up with another cyst in my foot. Same foot. This time the doctor gives me several courses of antibiotic, and right before my last appointment I get what she thinks is a spider bite on my leg, right above my ankle on the inside. She has me take some steroid I think and my leg swelled way up. I ended up wrapping in red cabbage. This is a great poltice, I had used it before on other spider bite things before that. I also used it on a horse in the field. I bring this up because I never saw anything in the cabbage like I saw come out of my leg when the nurse removed my bandage. I swear on my Mothers grave (she is another story), it looked like big maggots. Back then the brain fog was bad and I thought it was from the cabbage and not my leg. Thank God I didn't lose my leg and it is fine for the most part.
I do all the things I do and one of the best things is the ocean and I go to a salt spring and that also helps. There are 200 kinds of pseudomonas and there is one that glows in the dark and under a black light. I think it might be easier to treat than the one I have. I think what I have is Jacked up bacteria. What doesn't kill it makes it stronger. The same time as I had this the dog next store had it and I have some quail they had some sort of bird pseudomonas. The vet cured the dog next store and I got some medicine from the feed store that fixed my birds. They live outside in a cage and I never even touch them so I don't think I caught it from them. I read in an old medical book it crosses over. However my oldest daughter started having bad stomach problems after she took in a baby crow. I am going to the Saltspring tomorrow so this is all for now, except a prayer that BB, Betta, you, everyone else and I shalled be healed in Jesus name Amen

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