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Date:   1/22/2007 9:17:11 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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I don't understand your title..."Being right, is always justifiable." Fledgling

Being way facetious, Iím afraid.

When a person perceives themselves to be right (a belief) they will use any justification to maintain the belief.

Or you may fine, as in this example. The mind has completely blinded this person to the true nature of the communication.

Thatís whatís so dangerous about the minds use of belief as a mental shortcut.

Do not get too caught up in the Myers-Briggs test my friend.

Think of it as a tool, like a Doctor or Chiropractor.

It may give you insight of what it is most enjoyable to you, but you determine the final result.

Check out Table One here:

It gives good examples of the Myers-Briggs type with possible professions or perhaps, sterotypes.

INTP: Architect: Logical

INTJ: Builder: Independent

INFJ: Counselor: Empathic

Should you read the page, you may find some interesting points:

Only certain types may be happy retiring early.

The types to retire early are not the types that make most of the money.

Therefore it appears they make more effective use of their money.

Or are more than happy without an OC standard of living.

By knowing you may not be a type to make a large amount of money, you might want to check out the book referred to on the page:

Why Should Extroverts Make All the Money? : Networking Made Easy for the Introvert

By learning what we enjoy most, or what we enjoy least, we can in fact, make work arounds if we felt the need.

By observing these people for years and that they make up such a small specific mindset group.

I was able to determine an over-riding factor.

This is where my terminology of Literals and Cognitives comes from.

The much larger portion of the group were made up of the Literals.

A tiny portion was the Cognitives.

The difference was amazing.

The Literals needed huge amounts of data to make a decision, if they could. Made less money, were not as happy, pleasant, innovative or open to discourse (outside their beliefs) as the few Cognitives.

So while the Myers-Briggs can show traits that might be wise to understand or be aware of.

It would appear the ability of open communication while suspending judgement and being able to make a decision that is outside the scope of hard data, over-rides these tests completely.

Did you know that for some, the more education a person has the more dumb they become?

No, it's true.

If you want what I consider "the book" for "how to think" training, get:

The Power of Intuition by Gary Klein.

Your Humble Servant,

Gracefully Savage

PS The answer to your question: It seems to me that tendencies are somewhat cultivated in us by our environment. Do you agree?

Is found on that same page under Personality types of Foreigners

"Makes you wonder what the personality type distribution is for communist countries or other nations governed under repressive regimes. Are the more independent personality types heavily weighted in the Retire Early sample rare in these countries? Perhaps all the INTJs are in jail. [grin]" John Greaney


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