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Re: massage the morgellons out by luvmyherbs ..... Morgellons Disease Forum

Date:   1/25/2007 9:43:56 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Thanks so much for the detox info. I've read most of your and others' posts on this thread and just wanted to contribute some info, and ask a couple of questions.

First, regarding "internal" v.s. "external" morgellons. I am certain that I contracted it a little over a year ago when cleaning up some dead leaves (from the lazy neighbor who did not clean their property) that extreme winds blew into the basement through a tiny window that somehow got forced open. There were enough leaves to fill a lawn bag. I wore one of those hard paper masks, but they don't fully protect. (I wish I knew about the hospital masks then.) I'm convinced the cause is either from chemtrails or the spraying for West Nile that has killed/silenced the many birds that used to chirp around here at dawn.

The symptoms, unbearable itching, skin lesions, insomnia, extreme dust sensitivity, etc, didn't manifest until after the holidays when I ate a lot more Sugar than usual. Even though I have now gotten the symptoms down to a low roar, sugar, grains (especially refined) still set it off. There was a link I found last year from a fellow who was selling information that seems to have disappered. He had suffered with it for years, saying he got it internally from dust he breathed in while clearing his land. He mentioned others who got it "externally" if they slept on an infected bed or used and infected towel. His said he witnessed that the external exposure was possible to eradicate from external treatments like Neosporin, Caladryl, or in one case, cold garlic baths.

He also recommended starving the parasites with a low carb diet. This helped me a lot as I couldn't tolerate any carbs in the beginning. I tried a lot of anti parasite remedies. The Hulda Clark protocol did nothing (perhaps because I had used this many times before). I used food grade diatomaceous earth internally and externally. An herbal anti parasite formula in capsules called Intestinal Freedom by American Biologics helped a lot. I only used it once, as it was expensive and I had to order by mail. ( My skin, which was leathery and very damaged, cleared up after I started using it.

Initially, I went on a strict diet where I usually ate pineapple with plain homemade yoghurt, dried goji berries(when I had them), and freshly ground flax seed. Other than that, I only ate vegetables and lean chicken or fish. Digestive enzyme capsules are good too. There was a very bitter herbal infusion that I took regularly for a while until it stopped working. (It is only made locally I think and does not list ingredients.)

After that, I discovered super hot cayenne(90,000 h.u. or higher) I also grew habaneros last summer and discovered they are quite hot. I buy the empty gelatin caps and mix the cayenne with turmeric and a little golden seal. (Grocery store spices are irradiated, and worthless for healing so these ingredients must be obtained from a health food store or other reliable source. I haven't had any bad skin breakouts since I've been taking the cayenne capsules. Even eating Sugar or white bread only causes minor itching compared to what it was before.

Gradually, I began to be able to tolerate fruit (Except for the frozen pineapple and bannanas I put in smoothies, I still stick to the less sugary fruit like grapefruit, lemons and limes), honey, and occasionally even bread and rice. Now when I eat something that sets of the itching, my skin does not erupt or I only get a few little bumps. It is not just my skin though. Even my eyeballs can itch. When it was really bad, I felt crawling sensations in my eyes, nose, and ears. I use a drugstore sterile saline solution with boric acid in it to wash the eyes. The product comes with an eye cup. I also use a neti pot with Sea Salt to wash the sinuses.

The info on massaging the morgellons out is very interesting. I make up a salt glow using Sea Salt , castor oil and a little tahini(sesame butter). Scrubbing the skin with this brings immediate relief and moisturizes the skin nicely. (When I had the lesions, I couldn't tolerate this though and got more relief from using an anti itch calamine lotion that dried the skin out.) I am going to try your suggestion and massage the skin for a long time. But any way you can get the toxins out of your body is good. I'm pretty sure I saw some fibers and little black dots on toilet paper and after blowing my nose recently.

Another thing I used when the bugs were really driving me crazy is an herbal liniment I read about in the book, Back To Eden. You steep cayenne, myrh powder and golden seal in isopropyl alcohol for a couple of weeks to make this. I would apply this to my skin in the shower after washing/scrubbing. I let it sit on my skin as long as I could tolerate, then rinse in hot water and put on a terry cloth robe until the burning stopped. It makes you feel like your skin is surrounded by a super high heating pad, but that subsides and it stops even severe itching for a while. I have to give this therapy a lot of credit for healing my skin. It is perfectly smooth and healthy looking now.

I've done about 5 Liver Flushes now but stopped because of kidney pain and swelling in a knee I injured a couple of years ago. I pulled a tendon when I fell backwards slipping on some icy stairs. It was very painful for about 6 months but the pain went away with the use of tiger balm and my daily yoga practice.

The kidney pain developed during the recent holiday season when I let myself get stressed out, stayed up late a lot and was also eating Sugar again (cookies, candy). I've been drinking Celery seed tea, and was reading the forums to get some info on how to get rid of the knee swelling. The kidney pain is not as persistent.

Betta, I was very interested in the information about heavy metal detox and had a question. Did you get rid of all your mercury fillings, then do the detox? If you did get rid of the mercury fillings, I am wondering if you have some tips for finding a competent dentist who will do it and not put something harmful back in.

In looking for the now missing link mentioned above, I came accross a link to an article that the readers of this thread might find interesting:


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