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Re: Need help please by #71430 ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   2/1/2007 7:16:44 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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First of all to establish whether you have candida take the spit test. Are you familiar with this? You quite simply spit in a glass of warm water first thing in the morning before you consume anything. If you see long white stringy things dangling in the water you have candida. Here is a link explaining this process it is quite simple.

Ok, if you test positive for candida, then you should consider a protocol that will repair your intestinal wall immediately. Perform 2 Colon Cleanses using Oxypowder , then start to take colostrum and L-Glutamine, both are quite cheap. That deals with the leaky gut, which I'm 99% certain you will have based on your food intolerances . The reason why you have food intolerance is because your gut wall is compromised... It is allowing undigested particles out into your bloodstream, your immune system then attacks these as it thinks they are invaders, this is the cause of ALL food intolerances . So therefore, you must repair your gut wall.

Secondly, if you have candida you must kill it.

1: Maintain a low Glycemic index/load diet. Also try and eat more alkaline foods as candida prefers acidic envronments.

2: Take Colloidal Silver , antifungals and Oxygen elements plus. (candida cannot survive in oxygenated environments)

3: Stick at it until the candida is dead. (This could take quite a long time, especially if you mess about on the diet)

4: 2 Days before you come off the anti-fungals etc load up on very high dose pro-biotics and stay on them for atleast 6 months along with a low Glycemic index/load diet. Pro-biotics keep candida under control, but I personally dont see the point in taking pro-biotics until the candida is dead, because the things you use to kill the candida generally kill pro-biotics too.

That is what you are going to have to do to beat this.


Do you have mecury fillings ? You must get them ALL replaced with plastic composite fillings, as candida feeds on mercury. Do you use toothpaste to brush your teeth ? If you do you must check the label, if there are any artificial sweetners in it like sorbitol of saccharin you must dump it and look to alternative metheds to clean your teeth.

If your not prepaired to do what I have said you are unlikely to ever fully beat this menace. I hope this is of some help to you.

P.S. Even if you dont have candida, you probably need to repair your intestinal wall as that is 99% certain to be why you have so many food intolerances . Remember, you only develop food intolerances when undigested particles are escaping into your bloodstream, at which point your immune system recognises them as invaders, and any time you eat them again you feel awful due to the immune system response, so to prevent this from happening you must repair your intestinal wall to stop undigested particles escaping into your bloodsteam.

Why is your gut wall leaky you ask ? Because of all the junk you have previously eaten, simple as that. If you have ever taken Antibiotics for a long period of time, these will have been a major factor in causing intestinal problems. Do some google research on candida, intestinal wall and leaky gut.


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