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Re: How much weight have you lost? by Antoinette_Vigée-Lebrun ..... Fasting for Weight Loss Forum

Date:   2/12/2007 1:32:03 AM ( 14 years ago ago)
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well 10 days is what they say is what a Water Fast should be because its so harsh.
so i guess your body agrees with that statement


right now i am fasting every other day
one day trying to be vegan (goal to lose,detox, and animal lovey reasons. hee hee) and one day water fasting. i have some black coffee to avoid caffine headaches and keep everything moving so to speak.

as far as losses...
hmm...from fasting i would say about another 40.
i really had to work on resetting my body off the overeating and junkfood habits.
i would lose and regain a lot. but i kept on trying

cw: 135

lowest weight since my journey 129

i was around 100-115 pounds when i was younger.

so i am shooting for 10 pounds for my age.

its my whole thin before im 30 quest
hee hee

i just started to exercise.
it seemed everything i came across pointed out that a 130-140 pound woman couch potato (my natural state..hee hee) will not lose without exercise. and it seems to be true.

so i got a stationary bike for new years...and i am doing the gain and lose thing from replacing muscle tissue. ive only been kinda doing it for a month and i already notice that i dont regain as easily.
and its really easy to do.

i hate rolling around on the floor to workout
i feel so stupid
hee hee

irather ride my bike while watching seinfeld re-runs
its me as a couch potato in action

if you hate working out its really a easy trick to keep a bike by the tv.
you dont need to work out.
just doing 10 minutes when you can adds up.

and biking really burns calories without obnoxious effort..which is good for people like me who were totally out of shape.

like umm sorry..but at 215 there was no way i could do pilates. i just couldnt bend around myself. i wonder people get stuck at those weights.
most workout stuff is for skinny people


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