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Re: Help......I feel bad, bad,....... by steve555 ..... Colloidal Silver Forum

Date:   1/31/2006 11:15:29 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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What you are experiencing is most likely a Herxheimer response which means that the CS is working so quickly that massive amounts of the virus are being killed and your body cannot get rid of it fast enough so you get aches and pains, chills etc. all the typical reactions when sick. Maybe take a day off from CS and give your body a chance to get rid of the dead virus cells. By the way wehen they give you the test to see how you are doing I believe they count the living AND the dead HEP C virus cells together so it is not always a good indication of how you are doing. I would consider staying the course with the CS for a few months and then see how you feel. Also consider another wonderful antiviral agent called Olive LEaf Extract. This will definately add a big punch to your immune system defense. A liver/colon cleanse would be in order as well to make sure you are completely getting rid of all toxins in your system. 20 ppm is fine and 2 teaspoons isn't very much but may seem like too much right now. Give it a break for a day or two and then start again. The SG-6 is a good unit. I also recommend the unit for ease of use and simplicity though it can produce the same quality as the SG6. You may want to try EFT for pain relief , it is like accupuncture without the needles. You tap on the nerve meridians they tell you too and usually within 5-10 minutes you have releif. You can download the free tutorial at It has helped many of my friends as well as myself with many different painful conditions both emeotional and physical.

Health Blessings

"Hello, everyone

I am from Europe and if I make mistakes in english, please excuse me.

I have Hep C and I am willing to try any natural solutions. I am a active person with a good condition. Few days ago I start taking Advanced Colloidal Silver , 20ppm ( 2 teaspoon /day). Result: I feel bad, bad, bad.
I have chest pain, with painful respiration, pain so sharp which go all the way in lungs. I canít breathe normally, every inch of my body is a pain, including my breast (I am women) My intention was to buy a SG6 to use every day, probably to cure my Hep. C, but now I am confused. I need help, just a month ago my brother died from Hep C at 46 years old.
20 ppm is to strong??
2 teaspoons is too much for my body??
What is a good ppm and how much CS to use every day??
CS is really good for hep.C ??
Please advise, any suggestion will be appreciated.

Thank you


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