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Re: PLEASE READ...I believe your right, but feel i myself am not ready for that commitment...PLEASE READ by NeverEverEnds ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   4/11/2007 11:00:57 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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There have been several people that have popped up and claimed to truly cure themselves in that fashion. It makes sense. For us biters and pickers, well we know how we got ourselves into this mess... by biting and picking. So how would you reverse that cycle? Do the opposite. Leave them the hell alone, I've used the technique of clipping the loose ends and applying cream. I feel that is the only way to cure this problem. "Neem", a former member of this forum used that technique as advised by his dermatologist. He also used glycerin and folic acid. I have tried glycerin and believe that it could be helpful in this method.

Where the problem comes in is who really has the balls to go to work or school or whatever with your lips like this? I don't and thats why i exfoliate. I dont feel that exfoliating your lips makes it worse, i believe it stops the healing though. Puts it at a standtill. But i feel that way for those who exfoliate properly for this condition. "FORCING" exfoliation every single day i believe will make this condition worse. But if you find a week or two to let your lips really scum up, and then exfoliate while using a good emoliant (while the skin is weak and gonna come off anyway) you can keep your lips in a normal fashion for about 3 weeks. I don't know how many people use this method but i do and i can vouch for it.

If you dont have school/work or you just got balls and want to start healing your lips right now i would say to do exactly what neem/uklad said to do. But if your like me and you are afraid to have your lips in bad condition while in public and want to make a move (kiss) on all of your crushes then use this method. I gurentee it will make your life easier. And I'm not gonna write this out again, because i always try to share my progress in long winded messages because i feel every little mental and physical detail i experience about this condition is important for everyone to hear but all this typing and returning to this site is making me depressed.

This method will let you live an easier life, you'll make moves on girls (or boys, you permiscuous little tomcat you) at parties, you'll go swiming with your friends, you'll go out to eat at a resturant and order the wetest meal you could think of with no problems, but this is NOT 100% of the time. Like i said using this method you could stretch a good lip cycle out to about 3 weeks before you have to start over. I'm sharing this because it has helped me in life, the condition doesnt really bother me anymore, youll notice i dont post as much as i used to, i just stop by every now and then to see if anyones found that glorious "instant cure" we have all looked for, because even though I've learned to live with ex cheil, I'd rather not experience it at all.

The Method of "GENTLE" Exfoliation

#1:Buy wheat grass cream.

#2: You know thos two or three days out of the week where your lips are NOT 100% horrible? Wait those two or three days until the cycle starts getting bad and leave em alone. Dont touch em, and dont get em wet too much, but then again dont let them dry out either, dont apply any kind of moisturizer/emoliant, nothing.

#3: For the next 1 to 2 weeks your lips will look, and feel absolutely disgusting. So socializing with people who dont know you have this condition is a no-no.

#4: At some point during these two weeks you'll feel this skin comming off/hanging on loose ends/and retaining water very easily (when they get all white and sludgy) This is when you want to get that crap off. So fill up the bathtub and hop in. If your dirty and in need of cleansing at the moment, hell, better kill two birds with one stone. But thoughout your bath your going to want to keep submerging your mouth under the water for a decent amount of time.

You want your lips so full of water that the white crap(skin) is gonna start coming off on its own. At the very end when you lips feel like their water despencers, submerge them again for 3 mins. Im not joking count to 180 seconds. Immediatly afterwards whipe them off with a warm wet towel and apply wheatgrass.(the skin should come off in one swipe of each lip,with very little effort, theres no forcing here.) And dont be afraid to go a little overboard with the cream because the stuff abosrbs quite well. If for some reason you refuse to use wheatgrass then use something that works for you, I cant recommend anything else but wheatgrass because thats the only thing that helped me out of the stuff i tried.

This is the begining of the "good" cycle your looking for. For the next 3 weeks youll notice that the "white stuff" is trying to come back. But in a much more mild fashion, usually at the corners of each lip. When you take your everyday shower or your bath (which if you dont you must be pretty filthy and this will be a good excuse for you smell decent...j/k) Get your lips all full of water again, if you take a shower its good to cuff water in your hands and dip your mouth into your hands sucking the water in and out to both moisturize and loosten the skin. Again afterwards wipe with a warm wet towel and apply wheathgrass. You will have to apply it as needed which can be a whole lot depending on the condition, were all different.

But what youll notice is that when this dreaded skin tries to come back, it seems to come in a much weaker version of itself then before. It will be like a few crums of white at the corner of your lips that can be easily removed, like i said before there is no FORCING, very lightly removing the skin with a wet towel is all you should need.

#5: This is the part you dont want to hear. After about 3 weeks of lips that felt just about normal to you and easily managable are going to become much like they were before. First they will feel tight, and the the skin will come back. But most likely this bad cycle will last less then it has in the past before becoming very weak and easily removed. At this point you wont want to exfoliate any more, and i can say that for me this relapse i experienced after the first 3 weeks of feeling normal brought me down, it reminded me that i still have a condition many dont.
So i waited it out it lasted less then a week and when i felt the time was right i removed it and started over again. Its not really all that bad when you really think about it. 3 weeks of lips that your just dieing to shove into someone elses for a long passionate kiss, opposed to the one week where they just suck. From my experience i have found that the one bad week is mentally fused into my brain. I expect it and i plan accordingly as far as socializing, working, school ect. Because i know once its over i have another 3 weeks of freedom.

Note: You have to really manage this method yourself and keep close attention to how you lips feel. For the good three weeks i experience a normal elasticity (is that spelled right?) and smoothness in my lips. As the good cycle ends i feel them start to tighten a bit and i know the damn skin is coming back. The randomness of this method is what you have to pay attention to.

Its not always gonna be 3 good weeks and 1 bad one. Its going to vary. So if your applying wheathgrass as needed daily and your lips feel good you know your in the clear. But as soon as that feeling starts to tighten and the wheatgrass stops helping, you know its time to stop being stubborn, leave your lips alone for a week or so until the skin is so weak you can start your cycle over.

Its literally like fighting a battle with the condition. In my experience i win about 3 weeks out of every month. But eventually in one months time the condition becomes strong and cant do nothin but wait for it to calm down again. The key is waiting for the skin to weaken and start falling apart before starting the cycle.

I didnt write all this for my own well being. I wrote it because it seems like alot of you underestimate exactly how well a good method can get you through this UNTIL you find a cure or UNTIL you are able to stay in your house/or simply go throughout your daily life with your lips looking like hell and clip away at those "hangers"

So for those who are planning to bash me in anyway, please dont bother. My fingers hurt from typing and i could care less. For those who have not found a good method of working with your condition and have a question please ask, because id love to help.


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