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Re: mirena needs to be stopped by tinymom ..... Mirena, Skyla IUD Forum

Date:   5/25/2007 12:38:10 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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Yes, I havent had one in yet so maybe I am out of place of saying anything but I was suppose to get the IUD put in two mondays from now. But after reading everything that has happened to all these women, I have changed my mind. I have a fourteen month old daughter and I'm not going to be so sick that I cant enjoy her growing up. I've had left side abdominal pains for five years because of a ruptured cyst that landed me in the ER for eleven hours on a morphine drip (they thought it was appendicytis and it took that long to figure out that it wasnt), and it occurs everytime I'm about to start my period and ends when the period stops but yet the GYNO has no idea what it is and yes, he dissmisses the symptoms and says that putting the Mirena in would solve all my problems (as if to say the pain is all in my head)So when I got home yesterday after my appointment, i did the research and found this forum and was appald the doctors are aload to do this. I dont think that they dont have the education, its the fact that its a cover up so the manufactuers can get more money. Today, I called a GYNO about an hour away from where I live (someone who I've never seen) and made an appoinment for a second oppinion next week. The IUD would be the perfect birth control if it wasnt for the fact that it makes everyone sicker and in more pain then they were in the begining. And just to add in a note, GYNO's shouldnt be males...they dont have any idea what goes on in a womens body because they cant experience it themselves, therefor they think we are all crazy and make up symptoms. They only know what they have seen. The medical profession is all about money not about the patients well being.

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