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Re: Environment: Birds Disappearing? by boldyloxx ..... News Forum

Date:   6/23/2007 7:05:57 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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The least we all can do who live in urban neighborhoods is to keep neighborhood cats nuetered or spayed--- to keep cat populations down, as they kill tons of birds. Also to make our backyards hospitable for birds, and provide nesting boxes where we can.

Some urban city dwellers are extreemly anal-retentive folks who cant' stand seeing a bird in thier yard. I overheard a woman I am stuck working with at my job brag how she nailed a strip of wood with nails sticking out of it on her roof to keep this one bird away from always resting on her rooftop. She also offered an invitation for any hunters to kill some turkey who pass her property. How sick can you get! This same woman also bragged about how she uses a shop vac to vaccum her grass so that it is picture perfect-- like a crew cut.

I'm sure there are other people like her who hate the idea of sharing their pristine weedless lawns with any fowl, rabbit or squirrel.

Just yesterday I was pleased to see some yellow finches-- which I didnt expect to see.
We also have those mourning doves and mocking birds. I've seen robins and cardinals so far .

I am concerned for the blue bird- as these birds are very timid and easily pushed out by other birds. I also havnt seen the familiar herons near the river, or the ponds on our road--which has me concerned.

Some grackels actually passed by our parking lot at work during March. They pooped all over everyone's cars and ate the raw pumpkin and sunflower seeds I tossed on the ground for any hungry bird.! That woman I mentioned above must have noticed how I toss some seeds from time to time, because she made an offhand sarcastic comment about some employee who must be attracting them in. I hope her car got a big splotch of grackle Doo Doo on her windshield.. muahahaa!

No one knew what type of birds they were--they were rather rowdy. I guess people are not used to seeing grackels since they are so scarce anymore.


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