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Re: Merina and depression by Kabel ..... Mirena, Skyla IUD Forum

Date:   6/25/2007 11:16:51 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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numbness was all the way down my left side. left face (cheek and eye socket), head pain on the left side going down my neck into my left arm, numbness in my left arm and hand, and all the way down the leg. (I also, at times had a feeling of dragging in my face, like someone was pulling the skin downwards).i could still feel some things, but the sensation was way i can describe it is that when i went to wash my hands, i would feel the coldness of the water in my right hand first, then after a few more seconds, i would feel it in the left hand - it's like the sensation took a while to get through to my nerve endings. The numbness (and migraine/headaches) was intermittent. It seemed to go on a two/three week cycle, having some numbness etc at the time when i had a little bit of spotting, which corresponded roughly to the time when i would have been having a full period if my body had been doing it's normal thing, then half way between the periods/spotting, about 2 weeks later, i would get another numbness session, so i knew it was tied up with hormones. Since the mirena came out the numbness went within a day or so, but i was left with a painful pricking and tingling sensation in my toes and foot. Gradually that went, to be followed with some facial numbness again (along with hot flushes) at roughly a month since the mirena was taken out (mirena was out on 17th may) I have just finished my first proper period (painful with loads of hot flushes, but i expected that, as my body is still trying to balance itself) and i have had no numbness with it, just a kind of "buzzing/vibration" down my left shin. i have seen a neurologist who stuck pins in me and rubbed cotton wool on my skin and got me to touch my nose with my eyes closed, and pronounced that there was nothing wrong with me lol.../sigh...i get the results of my brain scan in another 10 days(doc wanted to see my stroke capability around the brain). It turns out i had a high cholesterol level too (which is contra-indicated with mirena, it turns out,..), and my doc has put me on statins which have brought the cholesterol way down to 4.9 from 7.9 in a month, which is most impressive, but now i have side effects from those, in the way of a bruising feeling and tightness in the chest, so i have to see my doc today or tomorrow and try to sort things out about out of the frying pan into the fire!! I do believe though that with mirena combined with my cholesterol level, i would have had a major stroke eventually, and i am very pleased i got it out. I now have to wait to see when my uterus lining thickens up again and to get more polyps - but i want to try to live with them as long as i can. i dont want a hysterectomy and would rather bleed constantly like before mirena, than take any more artificial hormone products! with luck i may go into early menopause within the next year or so, if i can just hold on till then...:)
good luck:)

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