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1pm the day after flushing... by MatrixV ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   6/29/2007 7:01:30 AM ( 15 years ago ago)
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Ok, so i know i have a congested liver. My eye whites are yellowish in a small line from iris to the sides of eyes and blood vessels are more pronounced, i have pain behind my right shoulder, i have left hand neck pain (also connected to intestines i read the other day), a general congested/stopped up feeling - so there is no way I have none.

I did a Liver Flush 2 weeks ago and NOTHING. This time I prepared better, with heaps more apples and apple juice in the days leading up to it, enema before drinking olive oil and grapefruit juice just to make sure they couldnt get stuck in intestines and be reabsorbed. But its 1pm the day after the flush and i've had umpteen bm's but only 1 measly tan coloured stone so far :(

In previous flushes i've had stones of all colours - hugely satisfying. Could I be so congested they are all stuck? Could me getting up from lying down to visit the loo (the oo & gfj went straight thru me at that point) have jeapordised my flush? I'm going to wait 2 more weeks and flush, but its so frustrating when nothing comes out.

Can it take this long for stones to make their way out of the intestines? I know they're long, but as as soon as I drink fluid, water or juice its goes straight through me because of the Epsom Salts .

Also - question about the bile squirting, has anyone heard/felt this? I felt a gurgle where my liver is while lying down after the oo and gfj, wondering if this was bile.

Has anyone had experience of how quickly shoulder pain is reduced after flush? Mine seems to have diminished a little, but not much.


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