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IUD free 24 houres now by mickey69 ..... Mirena, Skyla IUD Forum

Date:   7/20/2007 12:53:46 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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hey there again.
i have had my IUD removed 24 houres agou and iam feeling great.but no blood yet, not a drop. but thats ok. iam sure its comming. anyways, just wanted to give every one a update . it seems like i feel better already. no pain any where, exept a little headache wich could also be blamed on the heat here in NC.
anyways, the removel it self went just fine, exept that the doc, i saw could not belive the side effect and she also sayed that my side efects have nothing to do with the IUD. i ask her about getting another form of BC, and she sayed there isent one becourse iam over 35 and a smoker, so i need to keep my IUD. i sayed no thank you. she could not belive that i was wanting a diffrend cind of BC , but i dont wanto keep this exspensiv stick inside me. anyways, its out and iam happy about that. very.
does any one know of some cind of BC that even a smoker and over 35 can use. hell there has to be somethink.
4 those of you who are afraid of the removel. i have had my IUD for 13 month and belive it or not, all i felt was the tool she used to pull it out with and onley becourse it was cold.other than that, i didnt feel anythink, just like if somethink cold touches your bair skin. thats all. 0 pain, none. it was no probleme and belive me , i hate pain even the littlest pain. there wasent nothing.
anyways, just wanted to give everyone an update. thank you for all the leters on here. i dont feel so allone with this think now.
but iam done and more or less happy.
if any one knows any good BC for a smoker over 35 please let me know.
will send another update soon.
God Bless.

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