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Re: Need advice about my daughter by #33452 ..... Ask Microbe Detectives

Date:   8/17/2007 12:10:44 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Thank you again for working with me I have been, working on my own immune disorder and concentrating on parasitic as well as bacterial infections [lyme]. I figured I would be able to help my daughters if I could find out about my immune problem, but it has taken me so long and I have been hit with one thing after another. I am guessing now that it is all related to mycoplasma, but am not sure what to believe beyond that. I have some comments and more questions if you don't mind....?

First in order, is to response to your concerns: "Well if you do, don't tell her you spoke to m.d.'s [not her kind]."

Do not worry, I would never speak of my private conversations with people who are able to think outside the box...people who are advocating healing methods based on unbiased knowledge and experience. What is so wrong with taking a calculated risk and try something that has worked for the majority of others? Imagine all the other risks we have already taken based on advice from the medical community. And what many people I think don't realize is that we ALL have been guinea pigs of the pharmaceutical industry [and others?]for many years.

So having said that, if you don't mind, I would like to learn more here..."Track this down and get rid of it anyway you can NOW before it gets worse. Over time, experience tells us, it would. If they put her on Antibiotics alone [antibacterial agents], in my humble opinion that could be a mistake. If she's thin now and some years afterwards she gets overweight all of a sudden, make no mistake: It's the same problem, in my opinion. If she improves and gets better after the treatment, but doesn't feel "quite like herself", the problem is still inside her, latent and waiting. I have learned that Chronic problems are TOUGH, but when they go, they go 100% all the way and aren't likely to come back."

Ok, I won't hold you to this if nothing works, but based on the above statement, I wondered if you wouldn't mind clarifying some things for me:

1. What do you mean about not just using you mean adding the zapping, CS, iodine ozonating etc? I would need to keep her home to do these kinds of therapy with her...

2. Interesting that you mentioned weight gain...she is constantly trying to lose weight and can't, even though she exercises, eats well and is conscious of calories. How does 'this' make someone gain weight?

Another question in regard to her sinuses being drained..."If I were her parent, I wouldn't. Just a student's opinion."

3. What are your concerns about this? I figured that was the only way I could find out what is really lurking up there as I thought that after it was drained, there would be another culture you think this grayish-black matter is S. Aureus related, or do you have any ideas as to what this is?

"...examines her mucocutaneous layer is likely to find "something" there, "extending anterior to posterior" from face to trunk [they should know what this means]. I would bet also that this is NOT the sole cause of the problem."

4. In your opinion, what do you suspect IS the sole cause of the problem?

Lastly, I will leave you with more sordid details...

I believe we have a skin parasitic problem, currently labeled morgellons. I will skip the timeline and details of my discovery of this, but I don't have many lesions thank god, and the kids have none; after seeing more than I have wanted to [skin fibers, black specs, red fibers coming off of white bed sheets that I rolled with a lint roller] NOW I am noticing many bug larvas....everywhere. I took another dose of mebendazole recently and a huge amount of what seemed to be arthropod larva emerged in my bath water....I have unbelievable photos. Before this stage though, it was just many little pieces of fibers...guess this is a different stage of the same affliction. I saved it for further CDC or hopefully some other organization that would be trustworthy and not afraid of administrative pressure to sweep this under the rug.

I plan on doing some protocol with my kids, although am not sure what protocol should be just yet. I currently take olive leaf extract and an immune booster, H202 baths and have tried iodine but had a huge reaction to it and slept most of the day. So I don't think my kids can handle cleanses and any alternative protocol while going to school because they just won't do it if I am not there....hard to pin them down to do it if I AM here.

The method to my madness is to take Mebendazole first--it works differently by starving them of glucose and so for some reason, I don't have a bad reaction to it. My reasoning is to get whatever this is down to a level where I can manage the die off's of more natural cleanses and protocols. I am also trying to clean the house from top to bottom but get very overwhelmed when I see the kids towels on the floor, cats sneeking up on our beds ... yikes, I can't even believe that this is my life right now and that I have to worry about such things... and now my daughter's chronic infection. I am a single parent and am trying to fight this battle without freaking out the kids and not telling anyone--not an easy task. But regardless, I obviously am fighting this on my own as I can't tell the END either....just unimaginable how eery this is--the last 8 years have been so bizarre that I feel cursed. Ok, sorry...enough of the self pity party.

So my last question is, do you think that her pain and weird black stuff might be related to this parasitic infection? THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CARING, itchingtoknow

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