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Re: Intensely frustrated newb, please help. by Teilah ..... Weight Loss Forum

Date:   8/24/2007 9:11:25 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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I have had struggles with weight loss too. I take medication that has produced a metabolic factor and I am too tired to exercise. The things I have come across are colonic cleansing which helps you to maintain a healthier body. I have not done liver detox but I am hoping to get onto that shortly.

I drink structured water which is diffrent from the standard required amounts you have daily - it increases the surface tension of water so you can assimilate nutrients better and eliminate toxins. All you need to do is freeze water for a couple of hours and pierce the ice on the top and drink the water underneath. There is a lot on structured water on the internet, but I found freezing to be the most effective and cheaper method. It will make your skin look soft healthy and hydrated. Even though you are having the standard amount of glasses of water a day you are still going dehydrated because of the molecular structure of tap water. Many people don't know this! They think if they drink 8 glasses they are doing OK...You may need to include an unprocessed salt with your drinking water to facilitate your metabolic functions.

You will also need to align your spine as well which can be done by sleeping on a well supported mattress or hanging from something to lenghten your spine. I know this sounds strange but your vertebra can have a huge impact on your internal functioning.

I also do European dry body brushing to drain my lymph which boosts your metabolism as well as having a combination of macrobiotic and Epsom Salt baths a couple of times a week. You can find out more about salt baths on
. They also recommend you to have a sauna twice a week and body massage. There are dietary recommendations which insist if you eat beans and lentils you also are able to reduce your weight too. More information about that can be found in a recent article here:

I also came across Edgar Cayce 's Grape Juice plan which when taken with water with the ratio 2:1 you can absorb the sugars from the juice and not put on weight with the food you eat. It really works. You can find out more from a website on his psychic readings. You have 2/3 Juice to 1/3 water 30 minutes before meals. Many of his health prescriptions confounded the medical profession and astounded doctors who had nothing to offer people to give much hope after exhausting all their options. I have tried the ACV before but I was worried about the enamel coming off my teeth so make sure you have baking soda to neutralise the acid in your mouth. You mix it with the ACV and test it with pH papers before your drink it. But I much prefer the Grapes! I got a Dark Grape Juice which was made with the same Cabernet grapes they make wine from and it was lovely.

I would also recommend a water detox bath developed by Louis Kuherne over 100 years ago. Many people were treated effectively with this method. I spoke with an author about it called Randa from
who sells a wonderful e-book on it. Louis had so many people coming to him and curing them of intractable diseases. It also is used for weight loss too by creating a "thermal effect" which rolls back fat and empties it into the intestines for elimination. It is very powerful and easy to do. She could not shift stubborn weight despite a rigorous exercise program and this method dissolved all the excess weight slowly and effectively over time. It is an unusual method but if you exercise a lot and still can't get rid of it I would recommend this idea to you.

But all in all you probably need to detox. It is not as harsh as it seems but you will reap innumerable benefits from cleansing your system.

Also with your tiredness from exercise I would recommend"
which sells a disc that aligns the mora levels of your body, thereby imparting more energy and vitality. Many people have reported markedly increased surges of energy with the personal disc pendant you can buy for yourself. I wear mine and it has helped me to be even more active. The scientists who developed this disc have worked very closely with Dr. Esmarato the man who wrote the book "Your Body's Many Cries for Water" Many atheletes use this device as it is similar to a hypobaric chamber but the disc itself is imprinted with the anabolic energies to lift the overall health of your system. You may feel some internal restructuring but it is an amazing device and has really worked for me.


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