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Not much to tell really, Iím just a former Candida sufferer (hence my screen name CandidaGuru09). I was clinically diagnosed with an esophageal Candida infection back in late 2007 after years of trying to figure out what was causing some of my medical conditions (some of which were very embarrassing).

After my diagnosis I didnít really talk about it with anyone (except for my mom) but a few years later I started to feel like I was doing a disservice to those people out there who might be suffering with a Candida infection like I was. So I decided to create my own website (which is in the links below) to try and help out anybody who might need it.

My website is fairly new (had the domain for a little under a year but didnít actually finish the site until about a week ago) so thereís not too much action in the forum section and not too many blog posts in the blog section, but hopefully as time goes by they will start to fill up with more valuable information and members. :)

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I donít mind responding to any and all inquiries.


Dec 3rd, 2010 
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