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Dr. Mom has been commited to serving others her whole life. In passing by her, many have gleened valued hidden treasures of knowledge, those that have trained under her have been blessed by pure truth about the nature of the physical body that will last beyond the grave.
Her influence has spread to thousands as she has given many the tools to care for themselves the way the Master Healer intended. Sandy's life is a legacy of giving freely to all.

Sandy is a master herbalist, a microscopist, a midwife, the mother of 14 and grandmother of 35. She teaches and lectures nationwide for the School of Natural Healing, and has recently been adopted into the Shahaptian Healing Way as a medicine woman.

Having a column in the Health Source newspaper entitled "Ask Dr. Mom", a reader once asked, "How do you assume the right to call yourself a doctor?"

This is her reply: "I am called Dr. Mom because my children and their friends have always affectionately referred to me with this title. In addition, allow me to quote Patch Adams as he stood in front of a medical review board, 'Is not a doctor someone who helps someone else?. . . When did the name doctor get treated with such reverence?. . . At what point in history did a doctor become more than a trusted and learned friend who visited and treated the ill?'

I am extremely grateful to the many doctors who have been there to assist me in the emergencies of my life, but I hope we can begin to look at a broader picture of what it means to serve one another, starting with our own families."

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