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I was born on a Kibbutz commune, left home 18n years old (1973).
I have studied professions and academy subjects: Technolgy courses, Haifa university, Metaphysical University (Mc.D), Aura Soma International Academy of Colour Therapeutics, Centre of New Directions (Int'l), The Israel's Colledge of Complimentay Medicine, alot by myself and through the guide of my Eternal Spirit.
On 1990 I consciously dedicated myself to serve. Serve according to my understanding my Spirit's Destiny on Earth. Following inner call I moved to Jerusalem on 1999.
I DO leave simple peaceful life in Jerusalem, synchronized with the Jerusalem's Energy Center and its 3 crossing Ley Line,one passes accross my flat.
I am available as practioner and teacher for those whose inner call send them to receive healing or study.
Most of my classes are in Hebrew.
On July and August, anually, I am giving an option to study in English, at Aura (a) Soma Israel, Centre of New Directions (Israel).
The subjects available in English are: Aura Soma, Universal Astrology, Universal Numerology, Holistic Sound with Tuning Forks and The Glowing Person, Method.
I am available for "Energy Plumbing" sessions - mostly one session is enough - to clear away pattern of Self-Destruction, Trauma, Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, Anorexia, Bolemia, beings loated upon you etc (one session clear away about 50 such intrusions) 
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Liver Flush 26 support forum, Candida, 

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