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Why Are You The Candida Yeast Infection Specialist?

I have been treating and specializing in treating many different types of yeast infections for over twenty years. I’ve developed an incredibly successful treatment program called the Candida Crusher based on several thousand successfully treated cases of vaginal thrush, endometriosis, jock itch, toenail fungus, athlete’s foot, psoriasis and the many other manifestations of a yeast infection. Be sure to get a copy of my candida yeast infection treatment book entitled the Candida Crusher, one of the most comprehensive books ever written on the topic.

Are You A Natural Medicine Physician or a Doctor?

I am a naturopathic physician. Patients with chronic and complex disease now travel from far and wide to receive my treatment recommendations. Many of my patients travel to our clinic, others enjoy catching up with me on Skype, and there are others who will call me on the phone. I enjoy clinical practice and still consult with patients on a regular basis. I am a Naturopath and not a medical doctor, in fact in America I am known as a naturopathic doctor. New Zealand and Australia only recognize chiropractors as doctors in the field of natural medicine.

What Are Your Credentials?

Eric Bakker N.D. is the clinical director of a New Zealand naturopathic clinic called The Naturopaths, and has a Bachelor Degree of Science majoring in Complementary Health Care, as well as separate diploma and degree qualifications in Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine and Homeopathy. Mr. Bakker has completed almost ten years of study and has almost almost 25 years of clinical experience in natural and integrative forms of medicine, and has pursued continuous post-graduate study in Australia, America, India as well as in New Zealand.

Eric Bakker has been a respected consultant to the natural medicine industry in both NZ and Australia for almost 20 years. Eric is the past Vice President of the NZ Natural Medicine Association and is currently on their editorial advisory board. He is writer for the New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine.

Eric Bakker is a professional member of the NZ Natural Medicine Association, and one of the first to join this association.

What Other Qualifications Do You Have?

I have worked for over 15 years for several companies as their technical and clinical services president. In 2006, I became the technical and clinical services president of a leading NZ nutritional company called Nutrisearch, offering an exclusive range of practitioner-only nutritional dietary supplements, including my personally developed range of products called Naturopaths Own, a small and highly researched range produced to my exacting standards.

I attend the latest national and international natural and integrative medicine conferences and health expos in New Zealand, Australia, Europe and in America annually to keep up with the latest science and trends, and follows the cutting edge in natural medicine.

Can I See You As A Patient?

Yes you can. I have patients in over 30 countries around the world. If you have a good internet connection or telephone line, we can connect. To read more please see this link:

Why Do You Call Yourself A Writer And Natural Health Researcher?

I created as a resource of information for those who are looking for a safer yet effective alternative to conventional medical treatments of any chronic diseases. This extensive website contains several hundred articles on most chronic illnesses and what natural medicine has to offer. There are also many recipes you can print and diet handouts available free of charge from this website. Our website has many thousands of viewers each week, check it out yourself and you will see that I love to research and write on natural health. There are many thousands of hours invested here. I’ve made the website navigation a snap, enjoy.

Have You Written Any Articles On Candida Yeast Infection?

Certainly, just go to and you will find many excellent articles relating to candida yeast infection.
One of my more comprehensive articles can be found on this link:

Are You An International Lecturer?

Yes I am, I lecture regularly to the public as well as to various medical associations such as the Australasian Integrated Medical Association, with my popular seminars series including topics such as “Are You Heart Smart”, “The Art Of Stress Management and Adrenal Fatigue”, and “Detox To Thrive”. In addition, I present topics at natural medicine colleges throughout Australia and NZ, as well as researching and writing for several journals, websites and health publications.

Why Are You A Superior Choice?

Because I have treated several thousand patients with yeast infections spanning over twenty years. I am an experienced clinician, writer and natural health research besides a nutritional and herbal supplement developer. The yeast infection conditions I have treated range from athlete’s foot, diaper rash, vaginal yeast infections, systemic yeast infections, jock itch, tinea versicolor, ringworm, intestinal yeast infections and many other variants of candida yeast infections. My book Candida Crusher will reveal why I offer a superior choice when it comes to curing your yeast infection once and for all.

How Can You Help Me With Candida?

I can help you by offering my vast experience in the clinic and have helped a vast amount of patients presenting with many different kinds of yeast infections. Essentially the only people I can’t seem to help are those who are not interested in following my instructions! Many patients end up with most satisfactory result and most end up with a permanent resolution of their yeast infection. I can offer help particularly in cases where patients have been to several health care professionals with poor results. My book Candida Crusher explains why in much more detail.

What Is Your Background In Treating Candida? What Got You Started?

I have a personal interest in candida yeast infections after curing myself in my mid twenties from a yeast infection I had for over a year and a half. My father experienced a yeast infection for most of his life and you can read his case history as well as my own in my book Candida Crusher. I started getting serious with treating patients in the early 1990′s and began to develop my methods over a period of several years after studying over two dozen books on yeast infection. My Candida Crusher protocol took several years to perfect and is the result of much trial and error.

How Can You Get Me What I Need Quickly?

My book Candida Crusher offers much advice built around getting you results FAST. There are very quick and instant solutions offered in the book as well as more lengthy programs. I recommend products which I have found to be the BEST in the business which offer quick and excellent results.

Do You Offer Superior Advise?

I believe I do, I often see patients who have been treated by many physicians (sometimes by more than a dozen) and have treated many who travel far and wide to seek out my services. I believe that I have developed a high level of clinical skill with yeast infections enabling me to assist those with yeast infections of many years duration.

Can You Help Me Narrow Down My Choices In Products And Services?

I certainly can, and can show you exactly what you need and when you need it, saving you time and money. In my experience, many patients who come to me with chronic yeast infections spend TOO MUCH money on dietary supplements and special foods. My book outlines in detail what you need and when you need it. Over 75% of your cure comes from adopting the right dietary and lifestyle habits and the Candida Crusher book explains all.

How Quickly Can I Take Action And Achieve My Goal To Get Rid Of My Candida?

You can see results in as little as two weeks, but typically I expect patients with chronic yeast infections to begin to feel good after 6 weeks, and after 4 months (only 16 weeks) they will feel better than they have in many years. The sooner you follow my program outlined in Candida Crusher, the sooner you will start feeling great again.

How Can You Help Me Enjoy My Life Again?

I can help you really enjoy your life once again by helping you overcome your chronic yeast infection – permanently. We are not talking about a temporary fix but a permanent cure. If you follow my Candida Crusher program carefully you will not only cure your yeast infection, you will feel better than you have for a long time. This is what patients just like you have been telling me for years.

What Is The Difference Between What You Have To Offer And All The Other Yeast Infection Related Sites Or Books?

Good question. Most all other books I have purchased online myself have been written by persons with little to absolutely NO experience in treating thousands of yeast infected patients in a clinical setting like I have. These people got a yeast infection, wrote a book about it and then sold the book about their experience of curing their own yeast infection. The Candida Crusher book is based on over twenty years of treating several thousands of patients with all types of yeast infections, even HIV positive patients.

I discovered what works and what doesn’t work through sheer trial and error. You will be surprised at some of my suggestions that are different from what you have read in the conventional yeast infection books. Some e-books on yeast infection I have bought were a total waste of money, with poor advice based on no research or any clinical work.

For example, be sure to read the chapter in the Candida Crusher book on testing for candida yeast infections, this kind of information is only to be found in my book. Why you ask? Because I have tested well over a thousand patients and worked out what the best tests are, how effective they are and if they were worth the money or not.

Who Uses Your Expertise?

Patients from all over the world use my services. Many people with yeast infection seek me out for Skype consultations, I have many hundreds of yeast infection patients right now in America, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Norway, Spain, several Asian countries including Malaysia, Japan, and right throughout Australia and New Zealand where I live. I even have one patient in Tahiti and three patients in Hawaii.

What Experience Have Other Doctors Had With You?

Pretty positive I’d like to hope ;-) I have a reputation I’d like to believe amongst many practitioners of natural and conventional medicine in Australia and New Zealand as a “trouble shooter” when it comes to offering advice with regard to chronic complex cases of not only yeast infection, but many other chronic and complex diseases of modern society such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and many different presentations of digestive illness such as ulcerative colitis, constipation, gallbladder disease, etc. I have a particular interest in iatrogenic (pharmaceutical drug induced) illness and am fully conversant with blood and pathology based (medical) testing. I have worked in conjunction with medical doctors in several medical clinics for most of my career. I have always supported other doctors and have no interest in ego or promoting myself as being ”the best” as I know many doctors who are equally passionate and dedicated to their craft.

Can I Trust You?

I’d like to believe that you can trust me. My intentions are to partner with you and help you to the best of my ability in fully assisting you to overcome your yeast infection permanently. I have no interest in deception, trickery or making false promises and am only interested in outstanding results with my patients. My reputation is based on top results, nothing more and nothing less.

What Are Some Details Of Your E-Book Candida Crusher?

My book called the Candida Crusher is comprehensive and has many chapters, including identifying, diagnosing and testing for yeast infections, a quick start candida crusher guide, conventional medical treatment, the Candida Crusher program outlined in much detail, the Candida Crusher Diet, yeast related complaints and how to deal with them (an extensive chapter on a dozen different diseases related to yeast infections), a whole chapter on crushing vaginal yeast infections, FAQs and appendixes, and a chapter on detoxification.

What Are The Finer Points About Candida Crusher, What Makes It Unique And Different From Any Other Candida Book Out There?

I offer QUICK solutions, an entire chapter (comprehensive) on vaginal yeast infections, extensive material on yeast related complaints (like constipation, diarrhea, liver and gallbladder problems, boel cancer, mouth ulcers, and much more), plenty of information on testing, many different (and free) home tests you can do. We even offer a separate chapter just for the doctor or practitioner full of my best clinical hints and tips.

What Process Do You Use To Get Rid Of Yeast Infections?

You will need to buy the Candida Crusher to learn all the details, but I offer a 16 week (4-month) program which is tried and tested over twenty years and thousands of patients. It is a simple step-by-step guide to permanent yeast eradication.
What proof do you have that I should trust you or your site or your book?

You may wish to read the Testimonials page on my personal site and you will discover that there are many stories from successfully treated patients with all manner of chronic complex illness going back to 1988.

Can You Guarantee That I Will Get Rid Of Candida If I Follow Your Advice And Get Your Book?

Yes, I can guarantee to a high degree that if you follow my program to the letter then you will have got rid of your yeast infection permanently. Miracles do happen, I see them happen every day in my clinic. I will refund you the price of my Candida Crusher book in full if my program fails to deliver the results you have been looking for. I have rarely have had a completely dissatisfied client in the many years I have seen patients, although I must admit I certainly have seen patients fail to achieve great health under my care and with my recommendations, and more than often these were the people who either didn’t fully commit or for one or other reason just didn’t respond. It can happen occasionally, but is more likely to be the exception than the rule.

Here’s that link again to get hold of a copy of Candida Crusher, the bible on candida yeast infections.

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