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Why the name íillysí?
Itís wordplay. sIlly, Elise, and a bit of an unusual spelling.
Why the name Elisah? <- someone I admire

Diabetic type 1, amputee of hand due to bone cancer, married female. Denmark, born in USA, hobbies include art every now and then, fiction writing, and crosstitch.
Complete nerdiness in wanting to understand the hows and whys and whens of alternative treatment and tracking down the pathology and development of Type 1 diabetes and mental illness, in the hope of allieviating it.
Not diagnosed mentally ill myself, but family members suffering it. :/

Nickname is a sound-alike version of íEliseí, not meant to be a description of being sick! Have had the moniker since 1994, itís actually a manís name in Fremch. I felt sad when I learned it was actually not 100% original. u_u

Worst scourge and driving factor in my researching and self experimentations: winter insomnias and the personality changes that occur with it. I dislike sleeping pills! Absolutely, posilutely, do not like!

Developed fat-soluable vitamin deficiencies after a period of high stress and sitting in front of a CRT monitor for days and hours on end as a teen. Got cavities at the center of two molars, despite 1 year of flouride rinse treatment (!), got amalgams put in. Had a mysterious fever and stiffness in the pancreatic area 3 weeks after. Diagnosed type 1 diabetic 9 months after, got put in the hospital 1 year after amalgam fillings, for intense brug treatment for irascible insomnia that was unresponsive to presciption drugs.

Developed bone cancer 2 years after multiple fillings and a root canal

Amputee within 4 years of operations on the slow-growing bone cancer

Annual insomnias each year since then.
These are dissappearing slow but sure. :-) Iíve been using some fasting, parasite cleansing, nutritional balancing, and learning meditiation (christian). There was a lot of stress and wounds in the soul that needed forgiving and repair from younger life.. Yahoshuvah (Jesus) has been that path for me. :-)

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