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iíve done loads of research and have found things that help me. i need to share because not everyone has all the time in the world. it truly does take so much time. scroll through here and see if you see any of your problems and try out my remedies to see if they suit you too. MESSAGE ME AT ANY TIME IF YOUíD LIKE.

**all remedies have two asterisks so you can skim easy and fast**

my MAJOR symptoms: ***halitosis & seborrheic dermatitis***
along with that, I also experience an odor radiating from the back of my throat at times but that has lessened a lot. itís usually sulfuric.

my mid-problem symptoms: chronic BV & yeast infection (**coconut oil or boric acid suppositories** will clear that up, so itís really a minor concern however it is incredibly annoying)

my minor symptoms: acne, bloating, acid reflux, social anxiety (valerian tea clears this up)


what has helped a lot with my halitosis and seborrheic dermatitis: **vitamin b6, zinc, and ashwagandha** i also brush after meals if i need to be fresh right away, otherwise it pretty much freshens up within half an hour. but when iím working i need to be fresh right away so i always take some mouthwash with me.

even though b6 amongst ashwagandha and zinc have helped, i also am planning on trying **vitamin b2** for my dermatitis.

here are some other things i am planning on trying:
evening primrose - just for the hell of it, iíve had hormone imbalances since forever

molybdenum - i heard this absorbs sulfur

iodine - just to help with thyroid

^^ will update after a month of using the above whenever i start ^^

my symptoms are manageable now. they used to be horrible but now they arenít too bad. iíve noticed that my scalp issues had started when i cut out meat, i think that was because i cut out my main source of vitamin b without supplementing it. i think thatís what caused this huge candida outbreak.

iíve tried lots of things and embarrassingly youíll find a few posts of mine that claim i found a cure. one was a restrictive diet and the other was BETAINE HCL, none of which were ĒcuresĒ. i stayed away from curezone for months after that in order to actually give a remedy some proper time to work before preaching to the choir. iíve been doing the b6 & zinc since november and things are still going strong in march. usually remedies would stop working in a matter of days, because i was treating the symptoms rather than healing the source -- deficiencies. itís not perfect but itís about 80% better. i think i read somewhere that taking b6 can end up lowering your b2 levels so i am planning on supplementing with that soon to see if i can get it to 100% better. iíll definitely update this but iíll wait until a month or so before doing it.

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