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Dr. Richard SCHULZE


          Excerpts from Sam BISER's Newsletter "Herbal Therapy for Serious Illness" featuring medical Herbalist Dr. Richard SCHULZE.

How to STOP and reverse CERVICAL Cancer.


Unfortunately, we had to remove this document!

A lawyer representing Sam Biser's firm "Save Your Life Videos, Inc." ("SYL") contacted us with request to remove this interwiev. The copyrighted material consist of interviews conducted by Sam Biser ("Biser") and Richard Schulze.

If you want to learn more about curing "incurable", then please read Dr. Richard Schulze's incurable's program, and Patient Handbook.

If you want to get in touch with other people who are using Dr.Schulze's protocol, Click here to access Dr. Richard Schulze forum

On web site, you can find all details for curing cancer.

Best of health!

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"The healing journey you are about to embark on is not a burden or a chore but a blessing.  It will be your greatest adventure inward to discover and create a new healthy life."--Dr. Richard Schulze

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