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Text ads shown on CureZone are text ads of CureZone Sponsors.
Text ads of CureZone sponsors are shown on most pages of CureZone!
Contact webmaster by email  to request your sponsorship position, if it is available!

We may have open advertising spots on right now. 

Levels of Advertising/Sponsorship

There are 5 major levels of advertising/sponsorship:


One Month

One Year Max no. of ads Max nr
of key-
Silver $100 $1000 8 80
Gold $200 $2000 20 200
Platinum $400 $4000 50 500
VIP $800 $8000 140 1400
Bronze - $100 1 4

Contact us prior to sending money!

Bronze level includes just one single link placed on the front page of, into the section "we thank", and is only available for 6 months ($60) or for 1  year($100). This is a "nofollow" direct link to your website.
Keywords are placed in the title of the link.

All other advertising levels include showing text ads on approx 100 million pages of CureZone!

How many people visit CureZone?

October 2016: Stats  10,1 million
October 2015: Stats    8,6 million
October 2014: Stats  13,6 million
October 2013: Stats    6.4 million
October 2012: Stats    3.3 million
October 2011: Stats    2.7 million
October 2010: Stats    2.3 million

How many people can visit my website if I place my ads on CureZone?

Here are the 30 days click statistics of  some Silver Sponsors ($100/month):

Here are the 30 days click statistics of  some Gold Sponsors ($200/month):

Here are the 30 days click statistics of  some Platinum Sponsors ($400/month):

Here are the 30 days click statistics of  some VIP Sponsors ($800/month):

What is the difference between different levels of sponsorship, other than the price?

The main difference is in exposure, visibility, the number of clicks, the number of keywords and the number of ads you can create.

Gold level text ads are exposed to double as many visitors than Silver level ads, and plus the Gold advertiser can advertise with double as many text ads covering double as many keywords. Double as many text ads covering double as many keywords practically means more than double exposure.

Platinum level text ads are exposed to double as many visitors than Gold  level text ads, and plus Platinum advertisers can create double as many text ads covering double as many keywords compared to Gold level.

VIP level text ads are exposed to double as many visitors than Platinum level text ads, and plus VIP advertisers can create tree times as many text ads covering tree times as many keywords when compared to Platinum level.


So, in plain language, if your place 8  text ads with 80 keywords on the Silver level, and you get 1000 clicks per month, similar text ads could possibly generate close to 2000 clicks if placed on the Gold level (with 20 ads and 200 keywords), and up to 4000 clicks if placed on the Platinum level (with 50 adds and 500 keywords), and maybe 6000-8000 clicks if placed on the VIP level (with 140 adds and 1400 keywords).

This calculation is based on text ads that are considered of interest for a large number of curezone visitors, like as many as 30-50% of visitors.

If your text ads are only advertising one single product or very few products, and if those products are only for people suffering from rare diseases like for example Multiple Sclerosis, or Lupus, or Folliculitis  ( less than 1% of curezone visitors), the number of clicks to your text ads may not actually grow with the sponsorship level.

You may actually get almost as many clicks on the Silver level as on the VIP level.  In that case you may not benefit from the higher level of sponsorship, at least not if advertising for many months.

Platinum level and VIP level are generally for web stores selling larger number of products (more than 10 different products), and the potential customers are not just 5% of CureZone visitors. At least 20% of curezone visitors should be interested in your products.

If only 1-5% of curezone visitors are your potential, targeted customers, you may actually save advertising money by choosing Silver or Gold level.

Especially if you want to advertise on CureZone for very long time, like for 1 year or longer.

If you are just launching a new product, and you want to advertise it for 1 month, choosing VIP could be a good strategy, as it will insure highest visibility on CureZone, and highest chance of your ads being seen by all visitors.

So, everything is not in exposure and in visibility, it is also important how many people on CureZone may be interested in your product, and how long time do you intend to advertise on CureZone.

What questions should I ask before choosing the sponsorship level?

here are some of the questions you should ask yourself:

  1. Who are my potential customers?
  2. How many percentage of global population could be considered my potential customers?
  3. How many percentage of curezone visitors could be considered my potential customers?

If very few people in the global population could be considered your potential customers, than very few of the curezone visitors could also be considered your potential customers.  In that case you will choose Silver or Gold level.

If very many people in the global population could be considered your potential customers, than very many of the curezone visitors could also be considered your potential customers.  In that case you will choose Platinum or VIP level.

Who can advertise on CureZone?

It is actually easier to define who can not advertise on CureZone.

Who can not advertise on CureZone?

Websites or businesses selling, promoting or affiliated with:

  • prescription medications, vaccines
  • porn industry

  • gambling industry, casinos, money games

  • "get-rich-fast" scam, pyramid schemes, fraud

  • anything illegal

  • weapon industry, war industry

  • soft drinks industry, energy drinks, etc.

  • chemical industry

  • crime, fraud, scams etc

  • websites promoting violence, hatred, terrorism, hate groups

To make sure that you can be accepted as a sponsor, please contact us before you send money.  You can contact webmaster by email here.  Please provide an email and a link to your website when contacting webmaster, and also provide a sample text of a text ad you would like to be shown on CureZone.

Text ads of all CureZone sponsors are listed on almost every page of CureZone!  If you would like to send $50 or more in sponsorship, and if you have a website that you would like to promote, contact us.

Upon your request and upon review of your website, we can provide a  link to your website from CureZone.  There are over one million visitors visiting CureZone every month, we want them to know who they can thank to.  This site is kept online almost entirely thanks to our sponsors & generous donors.

If you sponsor CureZone with  $100 or more, multiple text links (linking to your website) are added to almost every single page of CureZone. More then 100 million web pages. Links are exposed for 1 month from the day they appear on CureZone.

Unlimited Clicks!

If you are approved as sponsor, you can visit our donations page and send sponsorship through paypal.

"VIP" sponsors who pay sponsorship per year ($8.000 in advance) are also mentioned in CureZone email newsletter (The CureZone email newsletter has over 60,000 registered opt-in subscribers).

If you have any questions, you can contact webmaster by email here.

Why should I sponsor CureZone?

Mission of CureZone is: Educating Instead of Medicating.

CureZone is educational website providing information and tools for communication and research. If you would like to support our mission, you can send your donation here.

Do you require a minimum number of months commitment in order to become a sponsor, or can sponsorship be month to month?
No, Sponsorship can be month to month.

How many people visit CureZone?

Up to 10 million visitors per month.

CureZone is the second most visited Alternative medicine website in the world.
CureZone visitors visit up to 52 million web pages each month.

CureZone Newsletter has over 70,000 subscribers.  CureZone member database (forums, blogs, knowledge base... members) has over 150,000 registered members.

There are over 1000 forums on CureZone and over 2500 blogs. The CureZone image and file gallery contains over 50,000 images & files. The CureZone Knowledge Base contains over 2500 collections of Frequently Asked Questions.

Here are the visitor statistics for the last 10 years

Where and how can I send the sponsorship fee?

By using your credit card through, you can transfer any amount of money to CureZone. Paypal is the safest money transfer site on the web, over 100 million people are successfully using Paypal services.

How many people click on any of the text ads?

Of about 9.8 million visitors (November 2014) about 44,000 chose to click on at least one of the text ads. Some of those 44,000 have clicked more than once or on more than one text ad.


9.8 m / 44000 = 223

So, one out of 223 people visiting curezone will click on at least one text ad.  Some of them will click on 2 or many text ads. But this is the calculation for all text ads shown.

Can I advertise on CureZone? Can I have a banner advertisement on CureZone?

Right now, we allow for text advertisements on CureZone. in the future, we may allow for banner ads.

How to add a free link into CureZone Global Directory ?

CureZone Global Directory is a free web directory covering all countries of the world.

The Directory is organized geographically. If you would like to add your own web site, and you are located in USA, you should from the front page of The Directory select USA as a country and then click on States and select your state.  Further, you can select a City or Town.  Once you are located in the right town, you should navigate through categories. There are over 1000 health categories and they are organized hierarchically and with 2 -3 clicks you will be able to find the proper category.
On the page of proper category, you will find a link Add New Info / New Link to This Category

Click on that link and fill out the form.  Every link included into Health Directory will be shown on at least one page of the directory, but usually one more then one page.
If you choose to add a link into category Dentists in Kansas City, that link will also appear in the category Dentists of the state Kansas, and in the category Dentists of the USA.

That way, by placing a single link on the page of Kansas City, you are adding you link on 3 other pages too, including Link Exchange Page.

Link Exchange page lists all links regardless of geography.

I have a health food store, but I have no web site. Can I list my store into CureZone Global Directory without having a link to web site?

Yes, you can list your physical address, your phone numbers, and also you can a have one whole page dedicated to your business, listed on CureZone free of charge.

To contact webmaster, click here.

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