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Got Anthroposophic/Homeopathic/New Medicine?

Three approaches to spirit-psyche-brain-organ medicine.

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January 15, 2020 - Your Unalienable Right to All Medicines of Your Choice Includes Every Form of Homeopathy! -

Comment posted at the Weston A. Price Foundation[8]

Quo Warranto?
By What Authority? -

Where in the "Parallel Table of Authority" and published in the Federal Register does a verified positive Law actually exist that is applicable to Living Men and Women and prohibiting them from selling homeopathic products? .........
I don't imagine there is such a Law.

According to the very first Organic Law (published in the very front of the United States Code) every individual American possesses "Unalienable Rights" to their "Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness"! There is no law superior to this because these Rights did not come from any government and therefore government is impotent in all regards to these Rights other than to protect them. If this is true (and if not then show me what part of this is in error) then the people are free to engage in whatever business or trade they want and with whatever business of their choice.

Regarding "at Risk in the US" -
Is the FDA a true American governmental agency? ......... What kind of "Congress" authorized its Lawful existence (i.e territorial or municipal)? In any case every Lawful governmental entity has limits to its authority most notably in its proprietary jurisdiction. What is the proprietary jurisdiction of the FDA (if it is indeed a bonafide American governmental agency)? .........

Once these limits are made clear then we the American people can enjoy our freedom to conduct our business outside of these restricted limits - which most certainly do not include the fifty American states. The fifty Staes are "The United States of America." The territorial States and/or Washington DC are the United Stets aka "US."

The real "Risk" here is that the American people do not know what true American Law is and wind up believing whatever an alphabet agency says as if it applies universally which is simply not true. All "government" is limited or people are effectively under a self-imposed tyranny.

February 19, 2015 -

Looking in my most active medicine drawer now I see four bottles of different homeopathic medicines. At times I may have a couple more as well. I have taken homeopathic medicines over the course of the last twenty-five to thirty years. During this time my use of pharmaceutical medicines has declined and I haven't taken any conventional medicine for over seven years. I am so grateful!

"Homeopathy is the second most used medical system worldwide, part of mainstream medicine in India and highly popular in Europe. There, it would be inappropriate to call it “alternative medicine.” In France, 40% of persons and 49% of family doctors use Homeopathy. 45% of Dutch physicians consider it effective. In Great Britain, the Homeopathy definition is that 42% of MDs refer patients to Homeopaths and the Royal Family doctor has been a Homeopath since 1830.":

Anthroposophic medicine includes Homeopathy.[5]

I think it is ideal to identify any shock-conflicts associated with the condition being treated and to make resolution the top priority. This is the approach of the New Medicine. I foresee this approach being adopted more over the next ten years.[6]

I'd like to see the more recent findings of the "Five Biological Laws" of the "New Medicine" (as well as Human Design) included in Anthroposophic medicine.

October 6, 2018 - A Case In Point Re: Complimenting Anthroposophical Medicne with Human Design -

You (may have) heard about this man before - Martin Grassinger, this homeopath in Germany. He had been working for many, many years in homeopathy and working with homeopathy and astrology. He was trying to use astrology as a way to figure out correct timing for people. He was about to quit being a homeopath - he was deeply frustrated. He recognised that he could clearly see what the right medicine was, what people really needed, but there was this incredible inconsistency in performance in terms of the effectiveness of giving the medicines to people. He closed up his shop for a month and went to the island of Ibiza, where I (Ra) live. He was at a dinner party one night and he was complaining about astrology, saying that it couldn't help him because it really just couldn't give him what he needed, which was timing. Somebody at the dinner party, a friend of mine, said to him, "You should go see this man, blah blah blah." So he came to see me. He was telling me after he had his reading and we talked, he was telling me this story about a client of his - a woman who suffered from chronic depression because her face was deeply disfigured by a very, very serious form of acne. She had never been able to get rid of it - nothing had really worked for her. She had tried all kinds of doctors and she had tried all kinds of stuff and nothing worked. She had finally come to see him. She had heard about him and he knew exactly... he knew she had a problem in her pituitary system and he knew exactly what he could do to help her. He had exactly the right medicine and it didn't do any good - this is what clicked him out. So he went back and with the information of Design he became by the next spring an analyst and he had this woman's chart. In this woman's chart, she had an undefined Head, an undefined Ajna, undefined Throat. So the pituitary system, which is in the Ajna Centre, is undefined and works inconsistently. Of course, when he would give her the medicine and she would put that medicine into her body within the circuitry of her nature, it was not getting to the pituitary - there was just no way. So, he opens up his ephemeris and he sees that the Nodes of the Moon are coming to the 43-23, the Taurus-Scorpio opposition. This connects the Ajna Centre to the Throat. So all of a sudden there's this fixed definition that's going to be there three months. He calls her up and he said to her, "I found a new medicine. It's wonderful. You must come." So she comes, he gives her exactly the same stuff. Three days later it was gone - it was just gone. You see, the instrument had a way of finding its place where it had to work. Otherwise, it doesn't work.[7]

October 4, 2018 - Mother Knows Best -
From: a "blog series on Copeland’s Cure is written by Honest Fundraising Chair, Cathi Diaz" -

One of the reasons that the use of homeopathic remedies spread so quickly in America was because mothers became enthusiasts. They recognized quickly that homeopathy worked and appreciated its gentleness, especially for their children. Homeopathic doctors used tiny sugar pills coated with the super-dilution of substances that followed the principle of “like cures like.” Mothers preferred the “sugar doctors” over the aggressive methods of the dominant doctors of the day.

Mothers also began purchasing their own homeopathic remedy kits. These “Domestic Kits” were developed by Constantine Herring in the 1830’s. Dr. Herring was a devoted friend and follower of Samuel Hahnemann and is considered the father of homeopathy in America. He founded the first American homeopathic college and became the first president of the American Institute of Homeopathy (AIH) in 1944. Herring’s “Domestic Kits” became widely available at apothecaries throughout the country. Mothers loved these home remedy kits because they could be used over again, saving money on new medicines and further visits from a doctor. Homeopathy was truly a Mother’s Movement.

Homeopathy continued to gain favor in the United States throughout the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. By 1891, there were close to 14,000 practicing homeopaths in the United States, and at its height there were more than 100 homeopathic hospitals and 22 homeopathic medical schools.

Homeopathy is Replaced by “Wonder Drugs”

However, the 1940’s saw many new discoveries in conventional medicine. With the discovery of anti-biotics, mothers began to depend less on homeopathic and other natural remedies. Instead, they began looking more and more to the conventional doctors to prescribe these new “wonder drugs.” For the next three decades, while homeopathy continued to be widely used in other parts of the world, homeopathy in America went out of favor. A mother could bring her sick child to the doctor and after a round of anti-biotics the child would be well. That is…until next time. Unfortunately, the “next times” grew closer together and the sick children started to develop chronic health issues. People, especially mothers, began to realize that the over-prescription of anti-biotics was causing a new set of problems.

Short Memories

In recent years, mothers have once again begun looking to natural remedies and alternative medicine for help with their family’s health issues. With the internet, many mothers have rediscovered homeopathy. The increase in the use of homeopathic remedies has gotten the attention of the FDA. Those in the FDA today seem to be unaware of the long history and record of effectiveness of homeopathic remedies. In fact, the draft guidance issued by the FDA in December of 2017 mistakenly refers to them as “new drugs.”

Furthermore, the recent FDA draft guidance implies that Royal Copeland slipped homeopathy into the Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act of 1938 because he was a homeopath. Those in the FDA need to understand that no man is an island. If they would study history, they would learn that homeopathy was widely accepted by medical professionals, politicians and the American public. The Food Drug and Cosmetic Act of 1938 was unanimously approved by the senate. It was also approved by the House of Representatives and signed into law by the President. Both the legislative and the executive branches of government recognized that homeopathy had an important role to play in American medicine.

History in the Making

The Draft Guidance issued by the FDA should be deeply concerning to all of us. I am upset that it threatens to undermine the protection and safety of homeopathic remedies that has been in place for so many years. For this reason, Americans for Homeopathy Choice has filed a Citizen’s Petition with the FDA. This petition will halt any actions by the FDA against homeopathy until it can be determined that the new draft guidance would better serve the public than the guidelines that have been in place for decades. It is important that each of us who cares about health freedom and who wishes to preserve our access to homeopathic remedies take action now. Americans for Homeopathy Choice has made it easy for us to take the necessary action steps to protect our freedom. When you go to the AFHC website you will be given step-by-step instructions on how to comment on the Citizen’s Petition. There you will also find links and user-friendly instructions on how to make your congressman and senators aware of your support of the Citizen’s Petition.

We all make our mark on history. Each of us make decisions that affect future generations. Royal Copeland’s legacy was providing for the protection of homeopathic remedies through the Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act. Let our legacy be that we took a stand to protect homeopathic remedies for future generations.

This blog series on Copeland’s Cure is written by Honest Fundraising Chair, Cathi Diaz, who makes Florida her home. As a wife, mother, and grandmother she searched for answers to her family’s numerous allergy issues. Frustrated that conventional medicines caused harmful side effects and herbs and essential oils only offered some relief, she found answers when she discovered homeopathy. She credits homeopathy with doing more to uproot her family’s allergies than anything else she has tried."[4]

January 10, 2018 - More About Homeopathy in "Today's Wellness Tip From the Future...with Dr. Carolyn Dean:

Harassing Homeopathy

The FDA, like a school-yard bully, is once again harassing the gentle practice of homeopathy, probably because it's grown into a multi billion dollar industry that provides people alternatives to drugs. As the only historian on the scene anymore, I've watched the FDA and Health Canada launch vicious attacks against homeopathy for decades. The attacks on homeopathy have to be recycled every 10 years to brainwash a new generation of patients into believing that homeopathy doesn't work.

Critics usually describe homeopathy as useless, ineffective, containing no substance, and an outright placebo. Now in 2017 it's suddenly become a dangerous drug that you must be protected from by the FDA! And to do that the FDA wants to put homeopathic medicines through the billion-dollar drug approval process. But that makes them drugs because we know the FDA says only drugs can prevent or cure disease – so is the FDA saying that homeopathics can prevent or cure disease? It's pretty frustrating to follow the "logic" of the FDA on this matter.

You can google my name and homeopathy and find several articles but start with "The Worst Crime of the Century"[2] to find out what a blessing homeopathy could be if only medicine would pause long enough to understand it. Devoid of side effects, but effective enough to turn the tide of the Influenza Epidemic in 1918, homeopathy, as well as doctors like me, scare allopathic medicine because we point out the fallacy of putting all your eggs in one drug basket.

The crime is that while the FDA tries to put a kibosh on homeopathy, it gets its funding from supervising billion dollar trials on drugs that ALL have serious side effects up to and including death. Yes, I am drop-dead cynical about what's happened to my profession and my colleagues who have become drug pushers and the motives of the FDA against a viable health alternative.

Unlike allopathic medicine, which proposed the use of drugs to quell symptoms of disease, homeopathy used minute traces of natural substances to encourage the body to fight the disease using its own remarkable resources. All the body requires is good building blocks to assist in health and healing. As most people are aware, to this day, homeopathy remains a major treatment modality in Europe and India. Its most celebrated adherents are the British Royal family, most of whom are well recognized for their good health and longevity.

A Natural News Article in 2009[3] presented the following information:
"Was homeopathy successful in treating the flu epidemic of 1918? Yes. While the mortality rate of people treated with traditional medicine and drugs was 30 percent, those treated by homeopathic physicians had mortality rate of 1.05 percent. Of the fifteen hundred cases reported at the Homeopathic Medical Society of the District of Columbia there were only fifteen deaths. Recoveries in the National Homeopathic Hospital were 100%. In Ohio, of 1,000 cases of influenza, Dr. T. A. McCann, MD, Dayton, Ohio reported NO DEATHS."

At the precise time when we need safe solutions in health care; at a time when antibiotics are becoming less effective and many drugs are proving to be harmful, commonsense would say to explore homeopathy or at least allow people the choice to use it. Instead, anyone reading the news about the FDA's clampdown on homeopathy, that's been spread far and wide, won't understand the underlying motives and will likely shun this safe solution.

I studied homeopathy in my naturopathic training and also did post grad studies. It's a brilliant modality but I didn't want to specialize, so I made it part of my toolkit, not the only tool. However, I worked with it enough to see how effective it can be. As I state in my Death by Modern Medicine book, the Flexner Report sounded the death knell for all medical schools that did not follow the drug-based German model. In one fell swoop, the Carnegie and Rockefeller Foundations stopped funding women's schools, black schools, eclectic schools, and homeopathic schools. This was just another manipulation of fate that helped make us the very sick nation that we are today.

Read the homeopathic section in my Future Health Encyclopedia and develop your own homeopathic first aid kit. And take my Completement Formulas for the perfect building blocks that work so well with homeopathic remedies.

2017 Edition of Magnesium Miracle

Carolyn Dean MD ND
The Doctor of the Future®

RESOURCES: Along the borders and in the links of my web site you can find my books, writings, and my call-in radio show. Email your questions to:

SUBSCRIBE! If someone forwarded this email to you please sign up for your own subscription – plus get a complimentary copy of week one of my 2-year wellness program. Just go to...
Presently the "Office of the Federal Register " has "A Notice by the Food and Drug Administration on 12/20/2017" that the FDA apparently has titled: "Drug Products Labeled as Homeopathic; Draft Guidance for Food and Drug Administration Staff and Industry; Availability"[1] where you can post a comment (along with hundreds of other commentators). I have just finished my research regarding the Lawful jurisdiction of the FDA and intend to post that as a comment soon.
January 11, 2018 -

Just wrote the following to Dr. Carolyn Dean to share my report on the Lawful limitations of government and in particular "Acts of Congress" of which the FDA falls under that category. I'm asking the good doctor for what her thoughts may be regarding my report.

Greetings dear friends!

The current (most welcomed) "Wellness Tip" comes serendipitously upon the completion of some research I've just conducted over the recent days in preparation for possibly adding my comment at the Federal Register[i] re: "...Homeopathic; Draft Guidance...". (the research report was attached as a PDF.)

The issue in this instance is not the first time I've been responding (in some form or fashion) to the FDA's "harassing" of private Americans. I find the harassing especially intolerable when the incidents impact the Unalienable Rights of the American people i.e. feeding their families (as was the case with so many private farm and food distribution attacks re: "raw milk"[v] and/or other real/traditional foods) or carrying for themselves and their families health needs (as in this instance which threatens the removal of homeopathic remedies people reply upon).

For several years I've been advocating self-education as to the Lawful limitations to government.[vi] There most certainly are limits and I believe it all the more essential now for the American people to be as perfectly clear as they can possibly be as to what these limits are as I see it is up to us to keep the "chains" around government intact! Maybe you are already familiar with this Jefferson quote:

"In questions of powers, then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution."[iii]

I think it is finally becoming more obvious to people that Government has revealed itself to be a beast. IMO - every beast that can attack the people needs to be either chained or captured and "impounded". And if the beast is rabid then it may need to be exterminated. Personally I see evidence that the government is rabid - if you apply the first definition for the term as: "having or proceeding from an extreme or fanatical support of or belief in something."[ii] Especially when the belief is that the people are the enemy of government and that their "Freedom of Speech" is interpreted as an enemy combatant.[iv]

Is the attached report of interest to you all?

Looking forward to the possibility of hearing from you!

Warmest regards,
~Chef Jemichel - "The Chef-Doctor".
[ii] Google's definition
[iii] I find that "the chains of the Constitution" are best understood in light of all four Organic Laws.
[iv] Over 17,000 Google results for "Freedom of Speech""enemy combatant”.








[7] "Nine Human Design Centers" By: Ra Uru Hu:



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