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Michael Elliott has lived in Wyoming, Colorado and is currently living in southern California. He has worked as a Nevada State Firefighter, Gemologist, western furniture designer and is currently working as an investigative journalist into alternative cancer therapies. He is also a Contemporary Nutritionist, Herbalist and personal health coach. He is also speaks on health and cancer prevention whenever possible. He hopes to expand his influence and audience through regular cancer prevention talks. He began his research over 10 years ago when his wife was diagnosed with advanced, stage IV lung cancer. They defeated her lung cancer using natural therapies which he describes in his book. In the end they ultimately made mistakes which he also shares in his book hoping to help others. His interests include horses, surfing, kayaking, water skiing and anything that has to do with the great outdoors,

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Yes i cancer
Yes i cancer
by Michael Elliott

ISBN: 0989714532
Price: US$ 17, Available worldwide on

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