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Blog: Crystal Companions
by Wrenn

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  • Crystal Companions by Wrenn
    • Crystal Characteristics by Wrenn  16 y
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                  Subject:   great questions/ I will try my best to answer
                  Username:   Wrenn     contact Wrenn
                  Date:   2/11/2006 5:56:44 PM   ( 16 y ago )
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                  This is my avatar. Click here to see my profile.

                  Currently, in reading Deepak Chopras book:
                  The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire,
                  He goes into this aspect quite a bit..
                  which also bears out in so many researches done as well.

                  I am sometimes not good at relaying info as cohesively and consolidated
                  as others may be so bear with me..

                  Ok: We know that everything has an *intelligence of its own.
                  Fact: Even the cells within our bodies * communicate * with each other,
                  to do their function within harmony with our body needs.
                  Birds communicate/ with no sound often .. which you can see as they all move
                  together in a flock moving on a dime together as one,
                  as do fish, many animals in the wild,
                  even plants : have empathic reactions to your thought patterns.

                  Well known researches in this area, have proven, even just a thought
                  about injuring a plant will show a reading/electrically or vibrationally
                  from that plant and even from other plants nearby..*in empathy*
                  The minute you stop that thought/ the high spike energy vibration reading,
                  will go back to the normal readout.

                  Obviously there is an intelligence there: a *consciousness awareness*
                  that is part of this universe of which we also are joined together.
                  Just because we do not see or hear things within the parameters of this 3rd dimension, does not mean there are not other forms of communication within other
                  members of our planet, universe, that are not *hearable or seeable* by the human
                  typical person.
                  Even dogs hear at levels we do not.
                  as do many other animals, whales and dolphins esp of note.

                  Your *non-local * body IE: the part of you, that is TRUE Eternal Spirit,
                  Is connected to the entire universe, and also of course to your physical body as well.
                  Your *non-local body* can communicate with everything in the universe,
                  even other persons *non-local* bodies.

                  Some folks call these things telepathic or even telekinetics,
                  when really they are part of who each of us are anyhow..
                  so no one is *special* lol .. tho some may have learned how to connect to these aspects within the nonlocal self.
                  Unfortuneately some folks may be able to utilise these things,
                  without actually connecting completely to TRUE self-awareness,
                  Or only a portion of that awareness.

                  Example: even say, as mother Teresa did a great many things to help others,
                  for all we know, she was simply doing what she thought right in her private belief system. Do we for sure KNOW that she was also *spiritually connected and aware of her
                  Eternal self? NO.
                  Only she knows that really .
                  So a person can SEEM to be *spiritually aware* when they may simply just be doing what they feel is right,
                  within their hearts.. and according to belief and trying to be true to self, based on that preprogramed state.
                  (and I am not ragging on Teresa btw. I find her to be a great inspiration to many, and completely admire her)

                  Back to crystals then..
                  If everything in universe has its own vibration, and is in harmony with universe,
                  then it can communicate competely
                  with our *nonlocal * selves,
                  Everything; trees, rocks, rivers,wind, animals plants, crystals, etc, can communicate back to us.
                  This occurs on a spirit level, intuitively, if you will.

                  When I was young, I worked in a crystal factory grinding crystals for computer and radio chips.
                  You grind each one to be attuned to x frequency. (to tune into that range).
                  so even though we cannot *hear* the frequency that the crystal was ground to,
                  when you tune in your radio to receive that frequency, then the info being transmitted at that range is amplified into a range that you can *hear* what is being conducted at that higher range.
                  I am not good at explaining it, 8) but I know you will get the drift.

                  Each crystal and everything on this planet in fact,
                  has a certain harmonic range.
                  As in grinding a crystal to a higher vibration from its original base,
                  we humans can also raise our frequency range by things we do & say,
                  and of course raising awareness of nonlocal self,
                  connecting and living more with the nonlocal self as our guiding self,
                  and allowing that part of us to control and focus our minds as tools even,
                  to obtain our true intent.
                  The more we do this, the higher harmonic vibrations we will achieve and begin to receive from as well.

                  The ranges are literally unlimited and infinite, as is the universe.. all potentials are available beyond what we could even imagine as humans,
                  ERR.. a spirit living out a human physical experience.
                  Just because this Tool of human body, mind, ego, identity .. only sees one way,
                  does not mean that we cannot see all things when connected fully to our eternal self.

                  Is anything truly evil in the universe? I say no.
                  Look at ying and yang
                  they are a whole unit.. a magnectic force..
                  held together in a polarised state
                  while the middle *neutral* is where they both stop.
                  if you were to take away either side, then the balance would fall.
                  So when we view things in this manner we begin to see that there really is nothing *good or bad, black or white .. for lack of better words.
                  Both parts are contained within the whole.
                  Even our own earth has its polarity/ north-south magnectic fields.
                  and the planet system we reside in is held together by gravitational
                  magnectic pulls.
                  If you altered even one of these, the entire unit would collapse.
                  If you take away a north magnetic field, then the south magnectic field
                  would not exist as well.

                  We are similar, the universe is based on this..
                  so nothing is bad or good..
                  it is all ONE.
                  To accept one and deny the other is foolish and leads to the separatistic illusion issues/perceptions.

                  Yes, some folks operate more in the so called negative side of a magentic field and others more on positive side,
                  but as a whole it creates a balance.
                  No matter WHAT, ... we are all still one and all *doing our function*
                  in this current dimension,
                  that is based on this gravitational law, so to speak.

                  As you probably already know, We really only *live* in the NOW..
                  (the middle) as like the sample I gave about magnetic fields.
                  We far too often spend time in past: remembering/recycling,..
                  or in speculative thoughts about future.. or even wasting our NOW time
                  worrying, fretting, being distracted by other sources, rather than fully experiencing
                  this moment of now.
                  In fact, this very moment, everything you think and do, will affect what you will
                  attract tomorrow or in the future.
                  So it becomes imperative that we try to stay focused in this moment.

                  What may happen as we move forward into higher vibrational dimensions,
                  we really don't fully know yet..
                  since the laws that currently are in effect on this one,
                  we already know can be altered greatly by simply raising our own vibrational ablility.

                  Can a crystal have a malovent *spirit*? Yes and no.
                  No, in the fact that it was not created to do harm.
                  It was created to bring love * healing to everything in universe.
                  However it is also an *amplifier*.
                  If you have intent, and program a crystal to send out x thought to another,
                  it will do that.. since it is here to serve us basically.
                  Of course this goes against what the crystal would desire, (if the intent is harmful)
                  but it has no choice than to do its job.
                  So yes, there can be a *malevolent force in a crystal when programed for harm by another.
                  This is a way that a great many people thru time, have abused the properties of crystals ..to achieve control and power over others.
                  Other crystals have been programed to only be used for healing purposes, and to never be able to be used to harm anything.
                  These crystals have been *restructured back to their true nature and will bless everyone and everything around them.

                  They are very sensitive (as are we).. and will also pick up negative vibrations from others, and energies from folks handling them, using them to heal others, thus drawing negative energies back into them.
                  This is why it is important to keep personal crytals private, and only touched by you.
                  Cleanse off negative energies after you have used a crystal on others for healing,
                  as well as using it in such a way on yourself.

                  Whenever I get a crystal, I look at its aura and talk to it a bit also.
                  I then put it in a strainer so if it is small I don't lose it down drain, lol.
                  I run cool water over it to wash off all negativity from it.
                  (point the terminated side down, btw, so that the energy can clear properly.
                  I focus my mind to the crystal and directly release it from any preprogram it has been given.
                  I instruct it to release all negative energies and be restored back to original unique vibration.
                  Then I program it irrevocably to never be able to be used to harm anything in any way,
                  and to never be able to be reprogramed to do harm by anyone including me.

                  I then relook at its aura and generally it has already altered
                  back to a greater energy and is much happier, unless it has been seriously harmed thru handling or long term damage or abuse.
                  If this is the case, I put it on one of my clusters, to recharge and cleanse better and leave it there about a week, then relook at it later.
                  Most of my crystals I give at minimum, a full day recharge, if it is in good energy.

                  I have received a few (rarely) that gave me definite NO'S about reprograming them! lol.
                  These few exhibited super powerful auras and large energy fields,
                  and obviously had been used by someone else in great positive ways.

                  A couple of mine like this came from Reiki healers,
                  and I of course honored the crystals request,
                  but I still cleansed it from handling, mailing stress, and put it on cluster for a day.

                  Some were imperative to bond with me immediately,
                  and I too felt that drawing connection.
                  I generally sleep with new crystals, and keep them close to me for at least a week,
                  so we have a proper *tuning in to each other time.*

                  When you spend time with your crystal, clear your mind, sit quietly and just be open.
                  Look at it, touch it, close your eyes and listen with your soul.
                  Listen to the thoughts that arise within you spontaneously, without *thinking*

                  One of my crystals startled me so much.. lol.
                  I was sitting looking into it,
                  and realised that it was showing me back a mirror of the trees outside my window,
                  then it showed me a mirror of myself. when I looked into it.
                  It told me this is what it sees while I am seeing it, lol.
                  The crystal was watching me and the world around it, even as I was watching it.
                  It was like we were looking at each other, all masks off, face to face.
                  It showed me that everything in this universe is watching me,
                  even as I (in non-local state and also physical state) am watching it.

                  Everything has its own individual *personality * intelligence*
                  just as uniquely.. you are so different than I, yet we are one after all..
                  the differences are from experiences, perspectives, and the intent of self.

                  When we reach this form of communication,
                  we can literally talk to birds, animals, trees, etc..
                  even without speaking,
                  because we become connected.

                  The more you do this, the easier it will become.
                  Some of my crystals are outrageous in their behavior!
                  and even display definite likes and dislikes.
                  I have a mini family group that wants to be together, but won't allow any other crystals into their group, lol!
                  (I have to keep them in a small separate pouch.. they are so adamant about this!)
                  little snobs, lol.
                  But they know that together they are stronger, and vibrate at a certain lvl, and do not blend well with other vibrations.
                  So I respect that, and if I feel another crystal should be with them,
                  I ask them first.
                  They have let a few in but generally the answer is no.

                  I have one that *pouts* when I don't spend as much time with him as he wants..
                  and he wants to be stood up facing the room to see everything going on, roflmao!
                  He actually wants to be worn by me facing outward, but I have been unable to
                  create a holding pendant for him yet that he will agree to.. (lol)
                  but I am still working on it.

                  Several of mine are completely ugly by most folks eyes,
                  but are actually extremely powerful energetically.
                  One of mine, the person sent me wrong one than the one I ordered...
                  guess what? It may have been an uglier crystal, but in fact had the most incredible mothering personality I have come across.. she is darling,
                  I love her deeply, and am most thankful she found a way into my life.

                  Do not fear crystals *) treat them with respect,
                  cleanse them and release them from negative energies and programing,
                  and they will love you all the more for it.
                  It is the innate nature of our universe to vibrate love, joy and harmony.
                  You have nothing to fear, but only that which you might imagine in your own mind.

                  Be careful what you think while holding and using your crystals,
                  since by nature they amplify your thoughts and intent
                  into the universe, quite in a similar way as the Emoto researches.
                  When you want to meditate and send love to the the world, universe, whatever,
                  hold a crystal and that energy intent,.. along with the properties of that crystal will be sent out much more greatly amplified.

                  Yes you ... one single person, alone in your house, with no one else aware of what you do,
                  can help bring incredible change to everything.
                  *remember the hundred monkeys 8) you are but one ..
                  even as one drop in an ocean or a wave, yet you are always a part of the whole ocean and a part of the tremendous wave,
                  That flows back and forth in perfect balance of harmonic energy vibration.

                  WEll I know I am way over extended in my answer,
                  and probably not stating it all as well as others can,
                  but that is my answer as best I can do at this one moment in time.
                  Words are so limiting aren't they?

                  Hmm AS far as man created crystals, this is an area I have not given much thought on.
                  Off hand, I think of Emoto and the creation of water crystals.
                  Are they *manmade* thought created?
                  Is not the entire Universe created by thought and intent?
                  Is not everything a part of everything?
                  Even a natural crystal can become more powerful when shaped into a stronger
                  way to focus its energy.
                  Is this alteration an interference? or a release?
                  We were made to create, and we have power to energise anything we create.
                  So this is a topic, frankly I don't fully know the answer to and have not given much
                  thought to. (as far as lab created crystals.. perhaps someone like Emoto has an answer 8).

                  Ami Joi Benton

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