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After two years of suffering I finally got rid of my warts, heres how:
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Published: 15 years ago

After two years of suffering I finally got rid of my warts, heres how:

I read about and tried every method on curezone and online (including buying all those rip off ebooks and pills) that you can think of. Nothing worked. My warts were pretty bad, at one point I had about 15, some were big and really raised up. Heres what finally ended up working:

Getting rid of warts is a two part process. You have to do it both internally and externally. The reason you have warts in the first place is because your immune system was weak.
To get rid of them externally what I did was scrape the other rough skin layer of the wart off. You can do this with any thing sharp or rough object (such as a finger nail filer), but be careful. This is important because that outer layer of warts rough skin is like a shield to the wart so you must get rid of it. Once I scraped off the outer layer and the wart is bleeding slightly I then soaked it with a Q-tip of 35% food grade H2O2. The stuff they sell in stores in 3%, which may work too, but for 35% you’ll have to order it online. The wart will turn white and H2O2 (Hydrogen-Peroxid) kills the wart because its oxygen. I’ve never had to do a repeat treatment, the 35% food grade h2o2 kills it every time (but you have to get deep inside the wart so scrape that outer layer off) and they never come back. After that it will scab up and take about a week or so to heal depending on the area. Worked on every wart and its cheap.

To get rid of the HPV virus that causes warts and to keep them from coming back you need to strengthen your immune system. I’ve be taking supplements since I was a kid and they did nothing for me, the majority of them will do you no benefit. Taking random supplements is like giving random people your money hoping you’ll see a good return.
What works for one person may not work for you and most supplements just do one thing when you need several things done to be fixed.

The only supplements I currently take, because I see great results with them are:
Nuplus, Quinary, Fortune Delight, and Cali tea. All made by a company called Sunrider. They really do work because they regenerate your entire body.
I also take the Ayurvedic herd Triphala because it was highly recommended and balances your body out.

I also recently started wearing magnet foot insoles and laying on a magnetic sheet at night. I really see the difference.


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