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Metal Detox from Ionic Footbath
godmadeusperfect Views: 14,237
Published: 13 years ago

Metal Detox from Ionic Footbath

Hey Everyone, I recieved my
Ionic Footbath Plates a few days ago and have done 3 baths since (prior to recieving the plates I did 2 baths at a holistic medical practice, so that makes 5 total) and here are my results:

The first at-home bath was filthy with tons of black pebbles and soot at the bottom. The second at-home bath was 1/2 as sooty and the third was 1/8th as sooty. I did a session tonight and had a migraine going into it and the migraine/ daylong headache from the parasite cleanse die-off, and it totally disappeared by the end of the session. My husband has done two baths. The first had some black pebbles and black soot at the bottom after the cleanse (not as much as mine) and the second bath ended with 1/2 as much soot as his first. The detox seems to be on an exponential curve in which each consecutive use cuts the body's toxin load in half. They are cut in half then half again then half again and on and on until there is no metal. Don't ask me how I know this, but I do. Additionally, each bath gets progressively less pungent in terms of a metallic smell. My first bath reaked of metal, and by my third at-home bath it smelled much less metallic, almost no metallic smell. I see the soot as I pour the detox bath water into the toilet.

I ran an experiment: I let the water run with a little salt in it and the power on. Yes, there developed a few flat particles of black matter, and yes the water did tinge slightly orange, however, there was no brown scum on the top (gallbladder, liver), no frothy bubbles (lymph), no greyish iridescent film (yeast), and no black nuggets or soot (mercury, metals). I conclude that the ionic detox machine coagulated the metal from the tap water using it's ionic charge during the experiment bath that had no feet in it. However it drew out tons of metal from the body and coagulated it into lots and lots of nuggets when the feet were in the bath, I mean about 1000+ times the amount of soot & nuggets than in the foot-free bath. So whoever says that the water will change color even without feet in it is right, but it won't do all the other stuff that having feet in the water results in as listed above. [EDIT: I actually ran the no-feet bath longer for the full 30 minutes (I took my feet out after 5 minutes to help my kids) and it did develop a thin froth at the top of the bath]. I'll do a more conclusive experiment soon.]

Love my detox bath. You can get some ionic foot bath metal plates form the above link or you can use household items to make your own. All you need is a bucket of hot water with a teaspoon of salt in it, a 12V Schumacher Battery Maintainer battery charger (12$,
and two pieces of metal placed closely together but not touching each other. You simply attach the black battery clip to one metal piece and the red one to the other. And voila. See the other posts for specific details. It is super easy. Anyone can do it. I even tried it with two table knives as the metal pieces and it caused the ionic bubbling in the water to occur, I think I could generate a strong enough charge if I would use two pan handles that have been unscrewed from pans and placed in the water. Let me know how your experiments go! More people should know about this. I am taking mine to my inlaws house immediately because they are a toxic mess and I want to help free them from it. My holistic medical practice charges 60$ for these 30 minute treatments and their equipment is upwards of 3000$. So I feel very blessed to have discovered the ability to do this at home. Rather than waiting for the toxins to come out of you, it seems that this gets them out right away. Best wishes.

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