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Candida/Mercury/Lead Detox, coming up on the 1 year mark (update)
Jerome99 Views: 10,663
Published: 10 years ago

Candida/Mercury/Lead Detox, coming up on the 1 year mark (update)

Hi everyone,

Some of you may remember my story--12 Amalgam mercury dental fillings, drinking lead-contaminated tap water for years, and a terrible diet of lots of sweets, milk, bread, etc., to go along with it. My list of health problems at 30 (almost all cured now) was as long as my forearm.

I got my fillings removed in early July of '11 and started chelating soon after with DMSA as per Cutler's protocol, adding ALA a few months later. I felt steadily better and better as each month passed (now at the nine-month mark).

At about the eight-month mark, I felt like I had hit a 'plateau' as to feeling better. More importantly, I caught a cold at the eight-month mark that absolutely floored me and left me bedridden for two solid days. My wife had had the same cold just a week before (I caught it from her) and was still able to go to work. This told me that, even thought I had felt so much better, my immune system was still majorly, majorly compromised.

I remembered reading that DMSA can really compromise your immune system's white blood cells (neutrophils) if you take it for too long. I had been taking rounds of DMSA, 50mg every 2 hours, 1wk on/1wk off, non-stop since I got my fillings removed. So I decided that I had better give the DMSA a break for a good while to let my white blood cells recuperate.

In the meantime, I remembered that the poster Eric11 said that he really started to feel better after using cilantro/chlorella. So I decided to try that along with some EDTA I had laying around (EDTA chelates lead).

After only a couple of 1wk rounds of cilantro/chlorella, EDTA and ALA, I feel really, really good. Especially mentally. My brain is sharper than it's been since this whole ordeal began almost a decade ago.

This is the cilantro/chlorella supplement I am using:

Now, I know a lot of people (Andy Cutler himself included) tell people to avoid cilantro/chlorella at all costs. But I felt like I had eliminated enough mercury with the months of DMSA/ALA to reduce the chances of some sort of major side effects from cilantro/chlorella. Same goes for the EDTA (people tell you to avoid EDTA if you are mercury toxic).

So I hope this experience helps someone. Like I said, I am only nine months out and feeling good. Almost completely normal. My brain is clicking on all cylinders almost every day. People are remarking how healthy I look (which hasn't happened in years). Considering that I was basically on my death bed from this metal stuff, I consider that to be a miracle.


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