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95% cured of Folliculitis

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Published: 10 years ago

95% cured of Folliculitis

I am happy to write that after almost 4 years with folliculitis I am 95% cured.
My journey begins with teh dreaded ACNE...teen Acne to be specific. Around the age of 14-15 I started developing major acne, cysts and what I like to call undergrounds because they were pimples so deeply rooted underneath my skin. I of course thought that this was the end of the world and started lathering on makeup, creams, potions and lotions....all of which only made it worse. It also didnt help that I was eating mini pizza bites, goldfish, potato chips, chocolate ect ect (teenage diet) I also ate healthy but not neer enough to help me. I was after all only 14yrs not very knowledgable about nutrition, gut flora and micro organisms.
I tried Proactive for a while which help to a degree but dried out my skin completly. My older sister then recommended birth control, I decided to try it. Lo and behold my skin cleared up for about 2 years i would only get the occasional zit, but after awhile I started reacting to my choice of birth control so I switched about 4 different times to find the right one. BIG MISTAKE...HUGE!!! I wish i knew now what i didnt know then. Birth control messes with your intestinal flora and switching several times a year only made it worse. So i strted getting Acne AGAIN. The end of the world as i knew it AGAIN!! Oh and i was also sick about 4 times a year with either the flu, strep throat or some other sort of illness requiring Antibiotics (SILENT KILLER OF THE IMMUNE SYSTEM) of course the Antibiotics helped (they always made my skin better) but in the long run they only harm. So there i was with more Acne and off an on Antibiotics . I was so depressed about my acne that i made the biggest mistake ever i went on TETRACYCLINE, for those of you who has researched and read blogs, articles, books on how to heal folliculitis know that this acne related drug is a MAIN cause of causing follicultis. This along with constant Antibiotic use.
So after a couple of months on Tetracycline, birth control and antibiotics i developed folliculitis in my FACE( SUPERRrrr). At first i thought i had gotten a rash or that it was pimples so i slathered on some benzyl peroxide which helped for about 2 years...YES this is how long i let those buggers inhibit my face before i realized exactly what they were and no thanks to any doctor. After having this for 2 years with a new crop of pus fille dbumps showing up everyday i decided enough is enough it was finally time to do something about this. So off i went to my local doctor and what do you know he prescribes and acne medication gel!! OH and if that wasent enough he gives me more Tetracycline!!! And me not knowing STILL exactly what i had i took the gel and filled the tetracycline prescription.....3 days later my face looked like it had exploded in a tomato factory. It was red, angry, sore and I was HORRIFIED and soooo upset. So i immedietly ordered and appointment with a dermatologist, NO HELP THERE.. the woman Dr.i went to wouldnt even hear me out. I wanted to tell her all about my medical history and how its first started but she simply said "you have dermatitis" i had to beg her to take a biopsy of one of the folliculitis bumps. She also said " I am the Doctor here, not you i know what i am doing and the fact is you are just going to have to live with this". Well not a fat chance in hell i was heartbrokena and went home crying. I felt like no one understood. My mom tried but even she kept thinking it was acne and that i was over reacting. So after sitting down i started putting it all together. This is when my ah haaaaaa moment came and i finaly put all the pieces together...It wasn't one thing that was causing my follicultis is was years of internal abuse to my stomach flora. I no longer had any healthy bacteria in my stomach because the birth control, the antibiotics and the Tetracycline had killed all of the good bacteria. In order to have a proper functioning immune system there needs to be a blance of good and bad bacteria in your gut/stomach.
So after realizing this it took me another year to find the exact right cure. I tried eating no bread, no sugars, no yeast ect ect..I did the candida diet, a liver cleans, kidney cleanse, supplements advertising to get rid of follicultis (chlorella, milk thistle, ect ect) All of which DID help my over all condition and skin appearance but never really got rid of the the folliculitis completly and only added to the dent in my wallet. I had spent so much time and money buying these ridiculous hope fo promise that i needed to get to the root.

So i did some more research and when i saw i research i mean i SPENT HOURS ON THE WEB, in books, on blogs and after plenty of ipad use i came across a blog saying he had healed follicultis about 95% (both he and I use 95% bc i still have one or two show up but they are so small almost invisible but not 100% curred) This blog stated that the number one thing that had done it for him was the RAW MILK DIET. I was intrigued and a little scared. Only Raw milk for three weeks (this was the time he choose, i have access to goats milk and have cont) along with overdosing on probiotics (which i was already taking). At this point i had nothign to loose so i went on the web found a place about 45min away from where i was and ordered some raw milk, GOATS MILK to be infact. It is easier on the stomach the fat molecules are smaller in goats milk than in cows milk making it easier to digest for the stomach, but either which one you choose you have made the right choice. So off i went to pick up my milk..out in the sticks. When i got there i told the farmer about my quest and he recommended KEFIR(SUPER PROBIOTIC DRINK...MUST research!!!). I of course willing to try anything to help my current condition bought 2 bottles.
It has now been about a month and a week since i started
this quest drinking only goats milk and 2-5 glasses of kefir a day. I have also just recently added raw sauerkraut(which i make from skratch) and baked sweet potato with raw organic coconut oil and cinnamon on top. The sauerkraut and sweet potato i added in after a month on raw goats milk and Kefir. I make my own kefir..its super easy all you need is some kefir grains (you can buy online or get lucky and get them for free, there are sites). I also take about 8-9 probiotic pills a day and i only use GARDEN OF LIFE RAW PROBIOTICS for women(they have men too). These probiotics are made without any fillers, additives, starches, gluten, and are suitable for vegetarians. I find that these are the best. Some other things i take is Diatomacheous Earth or DE (look up benefits of this). I have seen such improvements in the texture, tone and overall appearance of my skin. Do not get discouraged by the thought of only drinking milk and kefir it WILL FILL YOU UP AND YOU WILL GET ALL THE NUTRIENTS FROM THE MILK AND PROBIOTICS FROM THE KEFIR to help your gut flora back to its original proper state. I admmit there where plenty of times i wanted to eat a big ole burger or some chicken tenders but having had this debilatating condition for so long i was not about to give up and surrender bc the circumstances would be detrimental and only forcing me to take 3 steps back.

A regular day for me looks like this

2 teaspoons of DE in water
Tall glass of goats milk Kefir with three raw probiotic pills
DRINK goats milk and kefir throug out the day. I drink the milk anytime i am hungry and add one or two probiotic pills to each glass i take.

2 teaspoons DE in water and a glass of kefir

*recently added raw sauerkraut and baked sweet potato, but i advise only adding these things after you start seeing result this depends on the follicultis case but for me it took about a patient!!.

I have recently purchase the book THE BODY ECOLOGY DIET and plan to follow this in the future as well as continung to drink goats milk and kefir. I do have to say that i saw the most results when incorporating the Kefir. I hope that this helps someone just as it has helped me and just beleive and pray ( i prayed many a times for help) God will never fail you and no matter who or what you believe in just know that hope is never lost and you can regain you health again!!

I am now a happy 25 year old woman ready to come out of hiding and renter society bc i am no longer obsessed with the thought of my face itching, crawling, breaking out..

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