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Re: Fungal sinus infection remedy?
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Fungal sinus infection remedy?

For fungal infection my integrative medical doctor told me to take the INTERFASE
and take a little bit of it and dissolve it in my neti pot and rinse sinuses wait 10 to 15 minutes then use the sinus medicine I use collodial silver and sinus buster, Sea Salt and baking soda mix in distilled water
Apparently the only way to kill fungus sinus infection is to first kill the biofilm and get ready with a line of attack, EDTA, or interfase. My MD gave me interfase and EDTA I bought an extra bottle from Amazon
it from Klaire labs it is an enzyme supplement it dissolves the biofilm so does I believe zymeessence it on the other ones names escapes me serrapeptase. I have read that coconut oil pokes holes in biofilms so that might be a thought

My doctor told me the key is to get the inflammation down in the sinuses because if you don't the medication cannot penetrate penetrate into the sinuses as deeply my MD gave me steroids to do that.

The best way after doing lots of research an reading what this doctor wrote it struck me a repeated attacks every twenty minutes on the infection . Has this doctor found the cure for sinus infections something as simple as that? Seriously, I would use the spray and hang my head upside and down every twenty minutes, I did this for hours. I'm surprised this information is not more widely known. Could this be the future ...a fast, simple sinus infection cure?

He recommended, Repeating cultures, because sometimes an unexpected bacteria is identified and treated with special Antibiotics Frequent clinic returns for sinus washes.

While it is never done, I think the answer many be a new way to deal with sinus issues. I think they need a sinus wash clinic so a person goes for a couple of weeks, and their persons sinus was rinsed out thoroughly with biofilm dissolves and Antibiotics placed in the sinuses while a person is laying down so the mixture stays in the sinuses this might clear up sinus issues quickly. This is not practical, but in office visits 2 or 3 times a week for rinsing and Antibiotics is sometimes possible to arrange
The doctor wrote this:
"Using Antibiotic rinses at home"
or going to the ENT three or four these a week for rinses.
"Prolonged intravenous antibiotics can be useful in some cases
Considering placing a "window" at the bottom of the sinus. This lets the material drain by gravity some and allows Antibiotic and or saline rinses to get into the sinus more completely
Eventually one can will get relief without taking this step" The next step is surgery which I think is the absolute last resort, but to be avoided until a Elimination Diet is tried, and allergies issues addressed or just try a WOODY KNOWS nose filter many people have success in elimination sinus issues by just this simple process

I wish I never had sinus surgery what the ENT does not tell you that your allergies will be a million times worst, because the nose filters stuff it is your first line of defense and protection. Once the holes are widen the filter, warming system is screwed. Get ready for massive sinus infections, Thank God for WoodyKnows it is truly amazing inexpensive little gadget . Buying the top air purifier the IQ AIR helps tremendously.
I have read of some many cases where people after surgery are left with empty nose syndrome another insane . horrific nightmare thing, that requires costs to get it fixed , airplane tickets, hotel stays, car rental, and seeing the top experts to fix it .

Eventually ENT'S will rarely ever do sinus surgery , sure some cases it is must. But the majority I doubt if they need sinus surgery . One day soon ENT will have realized sinus surgery is doing more damage, than good.
Sinus surgeries are money making business and we may look like walking ATM machines to some doctors. Avoid these types run as fast you can to your car and get back home to safety and sanity! It is wise to get several opinions.

If most of us were born with perfect sinuses as babies so what happened along the way? I think about that.
Is it something we eat, touch , smell where we live, the bed and/or pillows. The plant or my beloved pet ?
Is the cause the gluten and dairy cross reaction? I think nailing down the cause is the answer

My friend had bad migraines stomachaches sinus issues bad, cause was dairy and cats it took them 18 years to figure that out. That is heck of a lot of needless suffering. My other friend was dying, wheezing, dizzy, brain fog, sinus issues, headaches heart was flipping out she was on oxygen at times. The cause for her sinus infection the front load washer! This mold expert guy came to check out her place and he pulled this washer screen out it was thick with black mold the spores were everywhere in the vents, in her clothes, bedding towels and it was one big mold soup being stirred. She moved out temporarily. Her rugs had to be wet down ( this keeps the spores down) and removed. The washer and dry removed and replaced with new ones . All the vents all cleaned and the entire placed fogged. A new rug was brought in that was toxin- free. All the clothing etc all washed in with cup of ammonia in a wash She was normal again after a four months of detoxing. My point being investigative is the key sometimes, not surgery .

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