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at a disheartening loss for words
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Published: 9 years ago

at a disheartening loss for words

It seems my story is nothing out of the ordinary these days, though for me it is a living hell. I have been feeling sick for most of my life and I remember being a small child and telling people i feel things moving in my body and no one believing me. I am now 24 and literally at my witts end.

Long story short I was very sick and realized I had a candida infection my entire life and sought out ways to treat it. The best thing i found was diet change and various herbs. I changed to a totally organic paleo diet and lost 25 lbs in 3 months, I was 130 and now i am 108. I am very health conscious and do not use any more harsh chemicals in any products and foods.

someone told me to completely irradiate candida and any other parasites i may have i need to do a detox cleanse. All I did was stop eating all carbs and sugars and ate only steamed vegetables and green garlic smoothies in the morning every morning for 5 days. It was at night when it happened, the "die off"... I was expecting some kind of discomfort but what happened next was most horrifying.

the first thing I noticed bfore I was trying to sleep was a squiggling line that kept moving behind both eyes. I focused more and it got so strong that my eyes started to roll around on their own. I felt a VIOLENT wriggling THRASHING and squirming in ALL of my body, I honestly believed things were going to start crawling out of my ears, eyes, and every orifice and hole and pore in my body. All of my fingers, toes, feet, teeth, jaw, eyes, brain, spine was vibrating and terrifying. This VIOLENT and extremely painful experience lasted for more than 5 hours, I was ALONE and didnt understand what was happening.

The next day I thought it was all a bad dream.. I didnt feel anything until the night. Thats when it happens. I realized I had a bad case of parasites and ordered the Black-Walnut , Wormwood and clove and started taking high doses of that daily.

I had to stop the herbs because (they didnt seem strong enough to kill) now the scattering is daily and its NUMEROUS. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. I did some researching and my symptoms match Ascaris and brain tapeworm.

At night I literally feel them COME OUT OF MY LUNGS, TRAVEL UP MY BACK, UP MY SPINE AND INTO MY HEAD feels like almost 100 of them!! I feel things crawling on and tickling my skin everyday, especially in my scalp. I can literally SEE THINGS move through my veins in my hands into my fingers where my fingers will then get swollen and hard to close for a few days until i feel them wriggle back out, I feel them in every limb and area in my body.

I can feel them push through muscle and organs like dull needles at a steady pace all migrating up to the head. I also see hundreds of worm looking things floating in my eyes every single day since the Detox, and that was 3 months ago. I thought this condition was much less than it was, and figured if I alkaline the body it will go away on its own, I didnt realize that every single organ and place in my body has things moving and crawling around.

I realize now that i am HYPER INFESTED with something and I am not only scared, but dont know what to do! How can I keep my job and my sanity when every single day and worse at night before I go to sleep I feel things painfully moving one after the other up the side of my throat into my head and squirming around on my brain! :(

I havent been feeding them and they are really angry and bite me from the inside as well!


One thing I did only recently to help stop the movement was taking a small dose of xanax, it calms them down and i can sleep.

So what do I do now exactly?

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