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Apples n Enemas... That and the Gallbladder flush... For Saving my gallbladder
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Published: 9 years ago

Apples n Enemas... That and the Gallbladder flush... For Saving my gallbladder

Thank you,

Apple Juice, Apple Sauce n Apple Cider Vinegar... I took these things for years... after researching Curezone and finding what worked for me. A decade of great health, but I let these health aids slip out of my life, for a few years. I was bored of keeping on top of my physical health and focused instead on other neglected areas of my life...

I was pretty embarrassed to let my health go, knowing what I know, from Curezone. But I did let all of that knowledge go...

When after a huge Thanksgiving dinner, I came down with a very high fever and had horrendous gut pain. I Vomited for two days straight... Asking for more and more water but I couldn't beat it. I Could barely speak and could not get off the couch.

I ended up in an ER that probably saved my life.

I had had a gall bladder attack. I was urinating dark brown urine and it took days in the ER to rehydrate. They took two shots at removing two large gallstones, to save my life, but I wouldn't let them take my gallbladder.
My whole family wanted me to listen to the doctor and let them take it out. I said no... I knew what was wrong now, but The doctor told me they would not let me leave until I poohed...

I was fighting time...
I had a friend sneak me in an enema kit and some coffee to get my bowls going... The flow of my bowls creaked and came back to life.

I was exhausted, but I had not forgotten dear Curezone. I wanted one last chance before succumbing to family pressure.. before I let them gouge out my gallbladder. I showered, IV in tow, shaved, dressed in my clothes and waited until the doctor arrived...

I said I was good and needed to go home to rest before choosing to risk a third anesthesia and then surgery... The doctor asked, 'did we scare you off?' And I sheepishly just said, I needed to rest and would schedule the operation if I still needed one.

I went straight home and looked up the CureZone Gallbladder Flush... If I ever do it again, I will try coconut oil over the olive oil, but at the last stage... It sounded like raining bb's coming out of my gallbladder... Amazing really...

For maintenance, I just eat apples regularly: apples, apple slices, apple sauce, apple juice and then if I feel even a hint of gallbladder pain... take a small hit of apple cider vinegar if I even feel the least bit of discomfort in my gallbladder.

Before the attack, I blamed the pain on ulcers and treated it wrong... With the knowledge of what it was, I have managed to avoid losing my gallbladder or even having bad symptoms again. That was 1 1/2 years ago.
I think I am out of the woods now, but I know darn well where my gallbladder is now and I do have the tools to face it, if it happens again.

I can't thank you enough for my good health. : )

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