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My fatigue is almost non existent, and my theorys

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Robert14 Views: 869
Published: 3 years ago

My fatigue is almost non existent, and my theorys

I have no clue what I'm doing but I hope it's a road to healing slowly I was this close to seeing a natural path by the summer I have had adrenal fatigue poor digestion low stomach acid for 2 yrs so far idk why but my bile over last two days is dark brown as i remembered before I got sick but idk I take alot so here is the list that has helped the most

[A very good amino acid protein powder ]

Idk why maybe cuz of poor digestion we lack amino acids but this gives me life

[Trace mineral complex pill ]
Maybe it helps with blood Sugar with the chromium vanadium zinc selenium who knows

[ parasite herbal liquid cleanse]
Might be killing off something, I was doing a liver cleanse liquid but I recently misplaced it lol

[Magnesium spray, softgel b vitamins ]
I feel these help somehow

I also drink apple juice alot
And have focused on eating sufficient calories and focus on enough fats and proteins and cholesterol

I also just tryed DHEA I know it has mixed opinions but I feel it calms my adrenaline alot ...i do 25 mgs maybe later lower dose

And I take vitamin d of course

I wanna say the apple juice is darkening my bowel but lately I have not drinker alot I will see the next 7 days as i am usually having lighter brown and yellow when It seems I am super detoxing lol but my fatigue is non existent most days

I focus on amino acids fats proteins cholesterol calories, vitamin d and mag and b vitamins for adrenals vitamin c sometimes

And the trace minerals and parasite cleanse herbs

We can only try to guess and tackle for so long it nothing works or you feel progress is slow it's time to see a natural path or get a expensive g.i test and a hair mineral without these 2 test i don't see much hope too much guessing could be candida could be any bacteria overgrowth food sensitivity u just never know h plyori maybe I am high risk as i went to Mexico 6 times but I also got sick after my mother passed away I often wonder of that but I also wonder of traveling abroad I also had cavitation surgery supposly that could have been a problem who knows

At my worst I had

Chest pains that never showed up on e.r stuff as anything heart related

Heart palps, sodium loss,muscle twitches

Now I hardly ever get the twitches the heart palps are barely as noticeable energy is damn near normal honestly I can go to gym work long hours etc daily life activities I don't see to lose sodium anymore either not at the rate I use to it seems

my THEORY on what is happening....i wanna say lack of good bacteria maybe......even tho i had the cavitation surgery i still dont suspect that too much.....but who knows even tho i payed 1000 dollars for cavitation of 3 sights....maybe it did help my immune system.....

my most biggest theory is ....that....eating too much refined Sugar may have depleted nutrients needed for my adrenals....and Sugar itself stresses the body....idk....maybe im low chromium low mag, low magnanese low minerals as sugar uses up mineral stores .....i think that is a major ask yourself was your diet high in sugar over the years...and Antibiotics .....this is why i think the hair mineral test is needed and the g.i test to access both those answers i also think under eating plays some kind of role high sugar and low calories is actually poor poor diet!!

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