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Re: ID help. Desperate mom.
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Published: 3 years ago
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Re: ID help. Desperate mom.

This is the same thing that people all over Texas, and the southern US from Florida all the way to California, and as far north as Kansas, Missouri and Iowa have been reporting in increasing number of cases for the past several years now. I've been fighting it myself for a year and a half now. I'm dead certain I caught it from contaminated food I ate at an Asian restaurant in Los Angeles California in March of 2019.
Nobody knows what the hell it is, the taxonomy isn't identifiable in any medical or biology texts or internet sources that I've been able to find in over a year's intense searching. I'm not even sure if it's a nematode, cestode, trematode or whatever. It sometimes bears more resemblance to an ancyclostoma or acanthocephalan type species, but also sometimes resembles arthropod larva-like properties. Whatever it is, it has both intestinal worm-like stages plus visceral larval migrans-like behaviors. It's apparently able to self-reproduce in a complete autoinfective lifecycle within the human body, and I believe it's definitely zoonotic and humans are not the primary target host but we are definitely a full-blown accidental host in which this parasite employs adaptive phenotypic plasticity to attempt to adapt to us as a new primary host. That may be why it's so damn difficult to try to nail down identification of its true taxonomy.

It's also tough as hell, and all anti- parasite drugs known to western medicine will not knock it out completely. Some combinations of drugs have poor to mediocre mixed results at controlling an infection of these creatures in the human body. I've thrown everything under the sun at mine for over a year with no cure yet.... only knocking them down to low levels, from which they spring back to life. I've even wondered seriously if it's not an engineered bio weaponized mutant species of some other more well-known parasite that's been unleashed upon us, and after a year long COVID-19 pandemic has now ravaged the whole world for a year, the hypothesis of an intentionally genetically engineered bio-weaponized parasite seems much less kooky and more plausible all the time.

If you do ever obtain an accurate diagnosis and identification of what this monster is, please post back here what has been found. So far we're all at a 100% failure rate of anyone else who's had the same thing and has successfully gotten an appointment with a Neglected Tropical Disease specialist doctor who might be able to identify this thing, from reporting back any findings. Most of them post here a few times, then vanish, never to return to this discussion forum.

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