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John Cullison Views: 37,981
Published: 21 years ago
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My testimony

When I started having gall bladder attacks, I passed large stones. Big ones. I saw what they looked like. I was not doing flushes at the time. I didn't consume olive oil. I didn't consume Epsom salt. It hurt like nothing I'd ever experienced. But I *did* pass the gall stones, and I found them in my excrement. They scracthed on the way out.

When I started doing liver flushes, I initially didn't get any large stones. My first two flushes resulted in smaller, tan, Tic-Tac-sized stones, plus green, waxy "bile balls", plus "chaffe".

My third Liver Flush produced green balls plus bona fide gall stones, just like the ones I had passed, with much pain, a year earlier.

Now, I don't know what the green balls are. I don't know what the smaller, Tic-Tac-sized stones are (they are hard). But I know darn well what the gall stones I passed were, both last year and this year, and I know that the gall stones that I passed this year were done painlessly, during the flush.

I have consumed a lot of fat, both animal and vegetable, in my life time. I have been on programs which required me to consume tablespoonfuls of oil at a time, which I would help get down by consuming orange juice (sounds kinda like olive oil plus grapefruit juice, no?). Not once did I ever notice anything unusual about my stool during those programs.

Beyond this, my wife makes all of our soap. She makes it using olive oil (plus other oils). In order to get oil to turn to soap, high, life-terminating temperatures are required. Oils and fats just don't become soap just because you put the chemical ingredients together.

Laura discussed a lot of this earlier. If these were in fact "soap balls", then they should be sudsy. They are not. I've tested them, too, and they're kinda waxy, kinda dough-y, kinda jelly. They are not sudsy.

Soap, by the way, is both water soluble and fat soluble, which is why it works. With all the water and "sloshing" that goes on in your intestines, which is allegedly the basis for this "chemical process" which "makes soap", the soap should dissolve. Leave soap (real, home made soap) in water some time and see how long it remains solid or "ball shaped". Then slosh it around some with your hand and see how long it maintains its "bar" (or "ball") shape.

While there may be some truth to the idea that the oil consumed results in some of the byproducts that we find, there is too much evidence -- personal, I've-seen-it evidence -- which demonstrates that this process does in fact purge gall stones and clean out the liver.

We had one guy come here recently and tell us that the Liver Flush was a "good thing", even though all we were doing was turning oil into soap internally. (Yet why don't people who eat lots of animal fat -- which makes a much more durable soap -- produce tons of soapy material?) In other words, even though we were all fooling ourselves, it was still somehow "beneficial".

To put it more plainly: he was covertly trying to undermine the liver flush. I say "covertly" because his agreeing that Liver Flushing was a "good thing" was his way of trying to be "in".

I've seen this behavior far too many times, in lots of different areas. EVERY viewpoint offered on the Internet which differs in any way from "medical-worshipping modern-science-is-the-only-answer atheist" will invariably have someone show up who cannot sleep at night knowing that the viewpoint exists, and this someone will do everything in his power to prove how wrong it is. Surprising though it may seem, such people exist. Every viewpoint which doesn't match his own is wrong, and he'll pick up some particular viewpoint to rail against. This attack becomes the focal point of his life. *NO* amount of rational explanation can change his mind.

Listen. You have to decide for yourself whether or not Liver Flushing is the route for you. You have to decide if you believe what we're telling you or not. Try it for yourself and you be the judge. And if you ultimately decide that we're all a bunch of lunatics, then so be it. You won't hurt my feelings.


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