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Re: I have Genital Herpes, can my bf still go down on me?
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: I have Genital Herpes, can my bf still go down on me?

I am not against oral sex, however, there are concerns I want to share with you. Why do you want to introduce some other toxic from chemicals, edible or non-edible plastic in the body? Even plastic can have toxic rub off. Is garbage bag's plastic meant to be tasted? I found those people who got initial episode 2 or 3 days after sex with an infected person have a lot of them said they drank. I found some people with more outbreak have a lot of toxics in their body already including myself. A lot of people will have outbreak 10- 14 days after infected and less severe. At first, I thought it might be the immune system, it could be, but pre-existing toxic in the body played a big role for how frequent and how severe of outbreaks.

The reality of oral sex is dangerous. Now is not a time, there is nothing you can't swallow as I watched a Swedish sex therapist's claim. So many unknowns in the medical field for doctors to discover. And the doctors are sometimes too lazy to help out, even if they know. When young, they are too busy with making money and to impress fellow doctors or patients for referrals. Did you ever see a gynecologist preached on the street about STD? And I had worked in doctors office before to finance my university education. They would like to boost how much they make in parties or gatherings. For some of them, if they don't like money, why will they become doctor?

In Hong Kong, one man got bacteria infection( yeast ) in the eyes due to oral sex. No one knows what he does exactly for the report did'nt say, but the doctor told the media that one should not be too exaggerated and to eager to please. He is lucky he got bacteria infection in the eyes thru' oral sex and not other incurable STD.

Also, I see you have discernment. Sometimes if something speaks to you every loudly, try to analyse it. Treat it as real warning. Write down on paper and observe days later if that is helpful. Some people have ESP, or some Christians have God to warn them.

The mouth, ear, nose all have passage to each other, and nose has passage to the brain. Your head is too precious for you to keep it safe. A person can live with limited mobility even if the spine is damage while the head and brain is not to be damaged. A person will be a vegetable or die if the brain is hurted. Is your brain precious enough for you not to put anything in your mouth? We don't want kids to put things in the mouth when they are teething. So be careful yourself. Also, the Chinese are philosophers, and one saying is " All the troubles came out from the mouth, and all the illness came in from the mouth. " Now, I can recall this saying. And I had found one study compared why Asian man ( not woman ) have fewer STD, and they noticed anal sex and oral sex is less practiced. China's population is the largest in the world, do they not have regular sex life? Why they don't run so much into trouble of STD? ( Though they learned from the media that STD is rising, they do not have so many incurable STD. ) Or try to model Jews who followed God as they have a lot of washing rituals? If I have a chance I want to watch Korea as well as a lot of Christians are in this country.

How do you know how your partner wash himself? One male friend told me he has a lot of bumps in his penis and the doctor told him he needs to take the shower head down to wash himself instead of having a fixed shower head for the water from the body to flow down to the penis to wash. The shower head is stronger to get all the bacteria away. I laughed at him that he does not even know how to wash himself at 40 year old, and of course he is a virgin---Christian. For female, it is even harder to wash inside. One of my supervisor had menstruation flow back to the uterus and ovary, and finally all the ovaries were taken away after months of pain. I forgot the medical name for it. Why will menstruation flow back to the uterus and ovary, which I have'nt a chance to research?

Twice I read Christian dating books that speak very loudly to me oral sex is dangerous, and I care enough to share with you all. The voice is so loudly as it is an impact. I can have hide this fact and be pleasing to everone in curezone that oral sex is o.k.. I had alrady surrendered my life to the Lord in order to live thru' Herpes, so He is kind enough to let me live daily to tell some of the findings. " The Fear of the Lord is the begining of Knowlege. " ( Proverbs 1:7 ) As for some of my friends that I mentioned who gave me wisdom, some of them are babies dedicated to the Lord, and they followed the Lord closely that a lot of brothers and sisters saw wisdom in them, so I tell what they told me to you, too.

You can have massage, sex toys, jokes or flirting with each other, or now they called outercourse ( no penetration for Aids patients ) and have equal pleasure. Afterall, if you and your mate can communicate and share daily, the thrill of soulmates is very enjoyable, too.

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