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Ozone generators : quick purchase guide
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Published: 17 years ago
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Ozone generators : quick purchase guide

This is just a quick reference with links
for people who need an ozone generator.

Ozone Generators:
cheapest/best : Enaly $45/$130, Synergy $300/$680
- both are on EBay (links are given below)
(see below for the Enaly order-site link)
- both are discussed in this post
- both are extensively reviewed in CureZone
- internal links are at the end of this post
see also Longevity, Plasmafire

Terms to understand (you may need to research more on this):
A. Medical Grade =
Oxygen feed, Ozone-resistant ozone path
B. non-Medical Grade =
Ambient air feed

Use one of the above for one of the next -
methods of ozonation ~ (this is the critical consideration):
1. of water, for drinking -         B or A
2. of steam, for sauna  -         A or B
3. of air, for insufflation  -       A preferred
4. for autohematology or IV injection -
                                                   A only

The best deal on a Medical Grade unit is $300 (Synergy)
    [ append 11/3/06 -  I have not fully verified whether
      the Synergy Systems units are fully medical grade.
      This will not normally be a problem except for AHT/IV,
      which is rare enough, and should only be done after
      obtaining professional assistance. Don't do that alone.
      Without technical verification, one relies on the distributor's word.
      This is true of all ozone generators. I'm still researching how to
      find out personally, either by examining the components inside,
      or by testing the output for impurities (generally quite expensive). ]
The best deal on a non-Medical Grade is $45 (Enaly)

The other considerations in pricing are :

i. generation method
ii. output volume and concentration

(i.) between the two Tesla-patented methods (c.1900),
Corona spark is cheapest (earliest), and is just fine.
99% of all ozonators use this method.
(There is a third method, UV, suitable only for hobbyists)
If you can afford the extra $2000 (give or take),
then the Cold Plasma method is better (get it from Plasmafire)
(ii.) volume and concentration are generally important to know
and to control: nice for steam sauna, important for insufflation,
and essential for AH or IV. For water (or oil), it's just convenient. << for the Synergy models at EBay << by [mygettingplace], the Synergy distributor << for Enaly unit ordering (mult) @ $45, $290 (not EBay site)  << purchase-point and visual listing << for Enaly reference w/i CureZone site << [rog] on Enaly-1000, for example << [ikota] on med-grade, etc., for example

Hope this helps.
You'll find numerous articles in this Forum
on ozonators over the last 45 days.

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