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Re: Herpes and MMS
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Herpes and MMS

and i accidentally gave it to him...

Hi ananda7,

Personally, i would avoid having any guilt trips about this part because I am very skeptical that it is, in fact, an STD (a sexually transmitted disease). I know this runs in opposition to the hypothesis that mainstream medical world embraces... or what it believes in. 

My sense is that it may be brought into the body via other parasites and/or bacteria. Either way, of course, requiring one to be more observant of their ways of hygiene or lack thereof. This means that special attention may need to be focused on cleanliness, i.e., handling of pets and/or family members, washing hands upon entering the home, washing fruit and veggies, conscious of avoiding putting fingers in the eyes and mouth and where you place your hands in public places.

I, too, have had outbreaks since beginning the mms, i have have experienced outbreaks for 25+ years, and like you ananda, it has led me out of the crowd mind and into finding my original face and coming together with others that are not entangled with pretense. 

There is a book out called Conversations with My Higher Self with some interesting ideas... "Whenever you condemn, criticize, or otherwise resist life experience you cut off the flow of life force energy, and your awareness and feeling of this ‘other’ part of you.

It is possible for a physical human to become completely aware of the Higher Self, but it requires a complete releasing of resistant thought. That is what the human known as the Buddha accomplished.

We assure you, the only difference between experiencing in physical and in non–physical is that in physical you hold onto vibrations that are incompatible and in disharmony with the awareness of the fullness of Self..."

"There is no SOURCE of disease, the disease is a symptom of the blocking off of life force energy. When you get the ‘flu’ you do not receive germs or viruses into the body, you go into agreement with the VERY powerful thought stream in mass consciousness of the flu. There is an incredibly complex and powerful template of thought associated with this illness: when the ‘flu virus’ hits, there is widespread agreement that certain manifestations will result, and those manifestations are well documented and very alive in the stream of thought connected with ‘flu.’"

 We are not saying that that there is no such thing as the cellular mass which manifests and is called ‘virus.’ But the manifestation of that virus is brought about solely by the consciousness directing the cellular mass of the virus, and the thought stream of all of those exposed to the virus. The harmful effects caused by the virus are a perfect match to the thought stream of the virus and to the thoughts of those who are vibrationally resonating to the virus.

Look at what happens in those cases. First, the predominant vibration within the consciousness of the experimenter is concerned with disease or illness. Then the lab animal volunteers to be a part of the experiment, in a co–creative fashion. All concerned are agreeing that there is going to be sickness present in the lab animal. This knowing is very powerful because it has been offered over and over again so many times that there is complete certainty that something bad will result. Tissue from an ‘infected’ animal or from a culture is injected with results corresponding to the co–creation of all concerned.

So you’re saying that if the harmful virus was injected into the animal with the intention of all concerned that beneficial results would occur, that nothing bad would happen?

You are forgetting that the cells of the virus are also conscious. If the cells of the injected material were to change consciousness form one of ‘I am a killer’ to one of ‘I am a healer’ and if the experimenter and animal were both in agreement with that, then yes, different results would be obtained.

OK, this is getting too weird for me. I am feeling uncomfortable with this. How is the consciousness of the virus going to change? The virus IS what it is, you have said, because of its consciousness, which determines its cellular structure and its function when it enters the body.

Now you are beginning to see. The virus is manifested because of the thought stream of all concerned, do you see? When the thought stream is changed, then the cellular structure changes. The virus mutates into something unharmful because the thought stream changes from one of sickness and disease to one of well–being. This is simply a manifestation of the effect of consciousness on matter and energy, which you like so much to point out in your essays. There have been many documented cases in your medical profession of tumors and illness simply transforming and full health restored to the patient. That is how it happens. You see, that is how disease manifests in the body and that is how release–from–disease occurs and that is how health occurs: it’s all about the allowance or dis-allowance of life force energy, and vibrational matching."

My take on it is that we go on autohypnotizing ourselves because of widely accepted systems of BELIEF if one is able to jump out of systems of belief through removing the layers of conditioned thought patterns, then one becomes free from being affected [or in this case, infected] by outside influences. One does this through going deeply into meditiation. 

Perhaps, the chlorine dioxide molecule, MMS, is born out of a rise in thought that runs counter to the incredibly complex and powerful template of thought associated with certain illnesses. It is being accomplished partly in this way [the chlorine dioxide molecule destroying the pathogen] because what is prevalent in this era is the idea that we are at war with our microbes, antibiosis, which means if you are hurt by a microbe, kill the microbe, and often times this kills the patient, too. We will continue to depend on such counter measures until we come to the point in our evolution of consciousness that will allow symbiosis to prevail - or in other words, living at peace with our microbes.  

Just some food for, I really mean to say ...  some food for 'no-thought'.

ciao for now, turiya





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