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Re: Herpes and MMS

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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Herpes and MMS

Keep in mind that you will likely have "clearing" breakouts as the disease clears itself from your body. Perhaps you're so sick because you're very toxic. I'm not sure but it would seem to make sense that if you are highly toxic that you'd experience some sickness but since this is so different from usual cleansers, I'm not exactly sure about this one. Any other cleanser, I would say "of course you're sick, it's the toxins being released & working their way out of the body" but in this case, it's different, they evaporate on contact, so I'm not sure BUT... I have something else to add they may prove to be very helpful for you...

There is a guy named Dr. Sebi who claims to have CURED AIDS and he's worked with a lot of celebs who have claimed they cured him. Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez was one of them who went on TV telling the world he cured her and I can't find any footage where she actually "says" the disease her cured for her was HERPES but I can tell you that I know a lot of people in the music biz and Hollywood and it's very well known that that's what she went to him for. Ultimately, he was brought up on charges by the FDA & arrested and when they went to court a dozen or so people showed up with bloodwork and proof in hand that he had in fact CURED them of AIDS and the FDA lost the case & he's been healing people freely all over the world since. He has an office in L.A. which I recently visited. I bought some of the herbs and I can say they are def doing what he says they will do... cleansing out my body. I'm having cleansing symptoms like numerous bowel movements a day and coughing up mucous. His theory is that MUCOUS is the cause of ALL disease and I've heard this theory before.

**He has a diet plan that must be followed and it is very limiting... I've been on it for several days and I feel good. Be sure to get his LIST of foods from his website. Eat them however you wish to prepare them, you can get creative with the recipes, but don't eat ANYTHING NOT ON THE LIST. It's that simple. This means CUTTING ALL MEAT AND DAIRY. Which leads me to my next point...

You can do all the protocols you want but if you don't CUT DAIRY and MEAT [esp dairy in this case] you'll never eradicate it.

Here are the links you'll need to start your research on Dr. Sebi...

**Another thing you may want to consider is this MINERAL CLEANSE

**Be sure to watch part 1 and 2. In part 2 they give you a code for a discount on the product... fyi.

Here's my suggestion...

First, finish your Miracle-Mineral-Supplement Protocol

Next, Do the MINERAL CLEANSE [$299 less the discount; 10 or 20% I forget]

Finally, I would do one of the regiments from Dr. Sebi. They are kinda weird about how they do business... the prices are only listed for certain items on the website, they don't let you buy the stronger cleansers on their own, you have to buy them in a package that they tell you at the time when you go in or call. But they make you call for a consultation for the stronger cleansing products. I've heard it's because they offer them cheaper to black people then they do whites but who knows... that's just what some people say. It is a little weird though, how they operate, for sure. Anyway, regardless, the products are good. Tell them you want to clear HERPES and you are after the strong cleansing products. Just one or two of them; if you are on a budget. If you can afford it, just buy the cleansing package they say you need, pay the price and do it.

By the end of all three of these regiments, my guess is, you'll not only be HERPES FREE, but in the best health of your life!

I hope this helps. 28 is too young to deal this with type of shit.

Also, you may want to do a $150 test and then another one at the end of all your regiments to compare your overall health levels not just the HERPES. You can get that test for free through your doc if you have insurance or for a few bucks if not free at a clinic but this other test I'm recommending is specialized... it's the real deal and well worth $150! Here's the link...

Then you will have solid PROOF of all the ways your body changed as a result of the products. If you have the money do one each time you complete a protocol [in between all three] and you'll know how each affected your body. And then of course, go for a HERPES test.

**I spent over an hour putting this post together for you... all I ask is that if you do follow through with any of it and it works for you, that you let me know. I would love it if you kept the tests and shared them. That's one thing I can 't seem to find online is test results from ANYONE who has been cured of HERPES, AIDS, etc. That's where the rubber meets the road. Ya know?

Anyway, GOODLUCK!! Can't wait to hear back from ya! ;-)


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