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Brutalities, Cruelties, Maltreatments, Phsycial Abuses, Deliberate Humiliations, Derisions, Ridicules, Disparagings And Other Purposeful Malicious Acts Administered, Or Rather Inflicted Deliberately Upon The Mentally-illed Ones - What Is Really Happening In Reality
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Published: 14 years ago
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Brutalities, Cruelties, Maltreatments, Phsycial Abuses, Deliberate Humiliations, Derisions, Ridicules, Disparagings And Other Purposeful Malicious Acts Administered, Or Rather Inflicted Deliberately Upon The Mentally-illed Ones - What Is Really Happening In Reality

Included below is a writeen message conversation between me and the other respondent from the other forum about the brutalities, cruelties, maltreatments, phsycial abuses, deliberate humiliations, derisions, ridicules, disparagings and other purposeful malicious acts administered, or rather inflicted deliberately upon the mentally-illed ones : - 

Messages From The Respondent :


"Here is the naked truth today:

Every inpatient has the right to make a complaint. Facilities are required to post the phone numbers for making such complaints. These complaints are investigated by state agencies unaffiliated with the facilities involved (which gets a bit tricky when you're dealing with state-run facilities, but that's the head-ache for the bigwigs, not the investigators). If investigation determines that the facility has broken Federal regulations in its treatment of residents, then that complaint can trigger a wide-range survey of the facility, investigating all its systems and processes. The facility receives the results of this survey along with a deadline for correcting any identified problems. If it fails to take effective action, it can be fined until it does or in extreme cases lose the right to operate and be closed.

CMS is the Centers for Medicare Services. They set the rules by which these places operate. Here are the Federal regulatory sets under which the facilities operate. Click on the file size number under the "PDF File column" to open the specific set (Don't ask me, that's how CMS set it up):"

My Replies :

I have gone through your post, so can I ask you a question if you don't really mind, actually, are you really that naive ?

And well, if you are just a mere outsider who are not directly involved hands-on in terms of dealing face-to-face with all those in-patients of those medical facilities like us, the unpaid social workers, and the official  medical operatives who are paid to work in all those facilities, then reasonably there's no way that I can blame you for being naive.

But for being outspokenly naive in a purely self-opinionted and self-righteous and yet totally gullibly ill-informed way, hey, that has definitely crossed the line.

Investigations about the complaints made by in-patients ? Hey, let me just tell you what actually happen in reality.

For any physical abuses, maltreatments and brutalities, especially the totally unnecessary and widespread ones inflicted on the infirm senile demented in-patients, especially purely for amusement purposes of those formal medical operatives, such 'incidences' will almost always go off the record in the very first place (or rather, into total ignorance / non-existence) with the silent consents, approvals, and absolute co-operations from the other official co-workers, including the psychiatrists and other doctors-in-charge of such facilities who tend to cover up for one another.

Whilst in the case where such physical abuses, maltreatments and brutalities were unfortunately enough to get 'accidentally witnessed' by anyone not belonging to their 'cliques', all the official operatives involved will just, in the very first place, immediately and meticulously make all those fake 'pre-arrangements', synchronized collusions, false witnesess, false reports, false statements, false evidences, and sometimes, as a last resort, subtle 'settlements and compromises' with the authorities concerned to help any of them involved to 'completely cover up and get totally away' with every single inhumane thing they have done against the mentally-illed ones. And such atrocities just get to go on and on and on indefinitely with the powerful unanimous supports from so many 'authoritative people of concern'.

In fact, we as social workers have been asked to either join them in their spree of tortures and brutalities or to just stay totally out of 'their formal business'. And actually we have sort of faced certain subtle intimidations on and off along with such 'invitations / sollcitations'.

Whilst in most of the special-care nursing homes in which old senile people are getting taken care of, well, they quite often would tend have huge estates, monetary assets and other assets inherited to them and yet managed by their legal trustees due to their mental disabilities.

And the problem is that most of such 'legal trustees' would often exploit on their mental disability to 'legally appropriate' the estates, monetary assets and other assets of these pathetic people, substantially for their own sole private use, and quite often with almost complete impunities from legal prosecutions.

In this regard, I would always tend to see lots of such mentally-disabled old people who were 'officially millionaires and billionaires, who are actually compelled to live in poor living conditions, and sometimes, totally below the poverty line, whilst at the same time, they simply do not have even the slightest idea of what has actually happening to them.

While for all those private trustees, well, as long as their mentally-disabled beneficiaries are unable to take any legal actions against them, we as social workers would tend to see them living in fabulous luxuries, owning several huge bungalows and mansions, keep on changing expensive cars like Porshes, Rolls-Royces, Ferraris etc, leading an extravagant lifestyle of, womanisings, merry-makings,  shopping-sprees and other forms of expensive splurgings, etc.

And one fundamental question involved is that such an extravagant lifestyle of those official trustees are preposterously, absolutely and completely out of proportion to the formal salaried income they are entitled / actually earn from their trustee fees for their profesional services.

Besides, out of so many official trustees for these old mentally-disabled 'millionaires' , billionaires etc who surprisingly are living in poverties, some of such official trustees appointment / recommended by someone else to run the related trust properties are actually undischarged bankrupts (both illegally and 'unexplainedly legally'). And as long as they keep up with their income tax payments and at the same time no one, especially their mentally-disabled beneficiaries actually come to question anything about their trust assets, they are thus free of harrassments from anyone, as well as enjoying rather complete impunities from prosecutions for their blatant crimes of criminal breaches of trust at the same time.

In such a connection, given that we are merely unofficial and unpaid voluntary social workers of these facilities and special-care nursing homes, whilst given the very fact that those mentally-disabled persons are unable to effectively defend themselves personally,  it is thus very difficult for us to seek on their behalf the due justice that they rightfully deserve, especially given the fact that we are simply in no appropriate legal positions to take the particular legal course of actions against them.

And hence, that's exactly the key reason why me and the other social workers would have no other choice but to eventually expose the truths and the related complaints here through the internet to get the due concerns from the intended persons / authorities.

Messages From The Respondent :

"Is the system perfect? No. Still some abuse going on, but not a tenth of what was encountered 30 years ago. The bigger problem is more subtle pressure: doctors not doing their full duty to inform patients of the risks and benefits of treatment, doctors pressuring patients to comply under thinly veiled threats of court-ordered treatments that the doctors actually don't have the power to do, that kind of thing. Harder to enforce since it's more subtle than the flagrant abuses of the past. Still, we're after it when we find it."

My Replies :

You actually believe and are convinced totally with such posturings and all those smokescreens ? Are you actually an idiot ???

Then my moderate and respectful comments are : How pathetically ignorant and naive you are.

And as a matter of fact, I really pity all those related mentally-disabled persons even more in this case, for their welfares and well-beings would have to be further ignored and exploited through the silly and uninformed attitudes and actions of such gullible people like you and the others who actually blindly, ignorantly and credulously support the concealed malpratices, maltreatments, physical abuses of all those related medical operatives who 'pretend to be nice, kind, compassionate, righteous and benign, responsible, dedicated, ethical, committed etc' in front of you all, and perhaps the mentally-disabled ones that they concealedly torture and abuse.

Once again, how saddening and how outrageous.

As to the question of truthfulness of what I have said, maybe instead of the police, formal investigators, doctors, other formal operatives running such medical facilities (which are a part of the clique, and hence would not hesitate at all to lie in the very first place to protect one another), maybe you can just ask around from among the voluntary social workers like us, or better still the very in-patients themselves who are mentally-sound and yet courageous enough to tell you exactly what are the real things that have been going on.

And I sincerely wish and hope that you, maybe the others, won't get fooled again, at least not so easily the very next time.


Follow-up (With BBC Videos) : - Care Homes : CCTV 'could be considered', Secret filming by BBC Panorama shows some residents being taunted, roughly handled and one being slapped etc. (please refer to the relevant video clips) - Care Homes : The known and the unknown


Whilst certainly and naturally, anyone would generally, objectively and reasonably agree and believe that the real-life cases of deliberate abuses as pointed out above is obviously and merely a small and tiny tip of the whole big iceberg of the topic elaborated in this and the prior post above.


as excerpted from:

(Please refer to post # 32)


Other Key Points To Ponder Over - - Issues on Secret Filmings (In Any Forms) In Relation to the BBC Videoed Documentary Above - Follow-up : Other Ugly Truths About Cost-cutting Policy of The Public Psychiatric Medical Facility  - Follow-up from the preceding article above - Antipsychotics & Neuroleptics - Striking a Fine Balance for Such Double-edge Swords -Follow-up from the preceding 2 articles above - Extrapyramidal Symptoms - Various forms of abnormal body movements - Official Information In Relation to the prior 3 posts above - More Related BBC Videos

How would you react to the hard evidences that would incriminate the ones deliberately brutalizing, maltreating and physically abusing mentally-ill people ?







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