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Re: to Knowledge Seeker and Hveragerthi

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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: to Knowledge Seeker and Hveragerthi

thank you aMn

Gout is so painful. It feels like someone took a hammer to your foot 15 or 20 times or like there are a bunch pf razor blades there. I do suspect I have hypothyroidism as was recently told I have a multinodular goiter and all the symptoms but the t3/t4 test shows normal.

Just saw an ear, nose and throat doctor (and endocrinologist) for glands and my recent diagnosis of laryngopharyngeal reflux (that has coughing, wheezing and globus sensation but no heartburn) and they confirmed what my family doctor said that the thyroid will enlarge if you are not producing enough thyroid hormone.

I said well since it is enlarged, I am assuming at some point in the past at least it was not producing enough hormone or it would not be enlarged and the test then, too, said it was normal. Wasn't it wrong then. His reply, If more than one test says it is normal, it is. I personally do not think he is right but did not realize that hypothyroidism may be linked to my gout until this thread.

I do not want to take their ppi drugs. I did elevate the bed and trying to remember to take dgl licorice, slippery elm and mullein. Bought some aloe but it is nasty so do not take that like I should.

Elevating the bed 6 inches reduced my coughing so I am hoping it is helping. I have no way of knowing if it is improving or not as I did not know I had it unless the coughing was linked but it, the wheezing and globus sensation are not there all the time so hard to now if esophagus is healing.

I do not know what might make the lower esophagus valve tighter. Anyone? I have since read that 21% of sleep apnea patients have silent reflux (lpr) and that may be causing or exacerbating the other. (of course sleep doctor never mentioned it)

The phlegm is clogging up the airways when I sleep and the full face mask of the bipap at the highest pressure they make (up to 24 as the apnea is very severe) making it so I can not cough in my sleep and thus I stop breathing.

I know the silent reflux is exacerbating or maybe even causing my sleep apnea which that together with 3 sleep disorders is ruining my life..always tired, always depressed and so forth. Lots of various symptoms of brain malfunctions and maybe glandular problems.

Also have been diagnosed with diabetes this year but reversed it with diet (per last three normal a1c and fasting blood Sugar tests) I estimate I have had the reflux at least as long as when the sleep apnea was diagnosed about 17 years ago.

I never associated the intense coughing of clear phlegm and 6 hours coughing fits where I could scarcely breath when I trying to sleep with reflux as was told I had a number of things--chronic bronchitis, allergies, rhinitis and post nasal drip..(never tested just what doctors said) all this time never dreaming it was an esophagus/stomach problems but thinking the lungs were causing the problems so that is a long time to get one of the missing puzzle piece. I feel on my own..doctors do nothing but disappoint.

I feel if I can get my sleep orders fixed (I also had plmd and delayed sleep phase syndrome which means I rarely am out in the daytime nor getting sun) most of my concerns will go away as I have linked much of my problems to sleep deprivation.

All this sleep deprivation makes me very emotional. I was told it mimics add and I have those symptoms which I never had as a child. I also wonder what the effects of having that very high pressure air shoved down my throat for a third of my life is doing to me as it is not natural certainly. I wonder if that may have weakened my esophagus sphincter muscle that is allowing the acid/food to reflux and burn my esophagus silently (they said the phlegm is being excreted by the esophagus trying to protect itself from burning.

They said it always means you have too much stomach acid. I think they may be wrong. I suspect too little stomach acid as I have undigested food in stool all the time and think I am not absorbing nutrients well. I have an excellent whole food diet but never feel any effect from anything I do..always feeling tired and crappy.

Someone suggested hci and I tried it and when I remember it, I notice less undigested food in stool so this confirms to me I may not have enough stomach acid not too much like they are saying.

This makes me very reluctant to take their drugs (ppi) plus I never take nay except for the occasional cochicine. The pain is just too intense when gout hits but I would like to be able to not have to take this drugs even though I do not take it often or much.

I have suffered for countless years for 15 years straight being suicidal, being continually stressed and depressed and all that, but that suicidal ideation was triggered by taking ssri antidepressants. I now refuse to take any drugs but do take cochicine for the gout as I said when I have any attack (about 3 or 4 a year and 3 or 4 pills each time so am taking up to 12 pills of cochicine a year cause the gout is so excruciating I cannot walk and it throws me in a wheelchair and hurts like he--

and so I will keep that suggestion in mind. I am assuming one could also like use the fresh juice of lemon on salads as opposed to putting in water. I do eat some lemons and will try to up that.

If anyone knows what might help any of the conditions I mentioned (sleep apnea, periodic limb movement disorder, delayed sleep phase syndrome (tried melatonin), silent reflux, gout, depression, thyroid (I also have other things but this is enough for now). I would be so grateful to know as I have suffered for so long (35 years of Depression for instance) and fatigue for about 40 years... I am particular interested in knowing what might help my sleep disorders since I trace the sleep deprivations to so many things. At one point I was told I was getting hardly no rem sleep (though lately IO am remembering dreaming) and scarcely any stage 3/4 restorative sleep despite sleeping 6 or 7 hours. I am guessing it is like getting an hour sleep a year for the last 35 years...who could function on that. I also wake up every hour and a half to urinate making me have very choppy sleep between the hundreds of leg kicks, the apneas and the urinating.

Any help would be most appreciated.

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