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Re: Candida Protocol with Turpentine - Help Solve the Mystery!

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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Candida Protocol with Turpentine - Help Solve the Mystery!

Hmm. Turpentine did nothing for me, but.
First of all I am now convinced, that dosage I used was inadequate. That is number one. Number two, I have found out about abscisic acid ABA, and I definitely recommend anyone to research it. It is certainly involved in Maple sirup sodium bicarbonate cure, humans produce it too and the most appears to be produced, or at least stored in brain and liver tissues, none the less, it is also a part of urine. As for urine, for all I have found out so far, females from first pregnancy to menopause, after which all kinds of problems begin, including heart, cancer, osteoporosis etc. Therefore, even the medical quality of turpentine, being derived from plants, will depend on the time, when in the season has the raw material been collected, because ABA survives long boiling, or wet distillation as used for making of turpentine. Not that Abscisic acid is a cure all, but it is a cure hell of a lot and in conjunction with correctly used urine, is almost cure all. ABA functions in the body are mostly regulatory, but ABA among other things regulates cell division and if I am not entirely stupid, it is a natural compound used by Dr. W.F.Koch between 1918 a 1921 curing terminal cancers with more than 90% success rate due to its capacity to cause apoptosis strictly in cancer cells. It also appears to be able to trigger regeneration of tissues lost to tumors. It most certainly also harms fungi, bacteria and viruses, even thou it appears that the mode of activity is not known. ABA actually ties at least to a substantial degree several curing methods and products.

A)Use of fresh juices, because whatever greens are relatively freshly picked, but not used immediately, produce ABA between their removal from the garden to the time their cells are destroyed.
B)Use of any sprouting seeds and bulbs etc, including fresh juice form potatoes, from which ABA is extracted commercially, besides cotton.
C)Autohemotherapy, even though the role of ABA is relatively low here. It involves recycling ABA in blood plasma
D)Urinotherapy as mentioned
E)content of ABA in Mumio, which is derived from seasonal dying of mountain vegetation, where there are conditions for its seepage through the ground and its drying out sheltered from rain.
F)Maple sirup and bicarbona as mentioned
G)The spontaneous cancer cures during and after pregnancy.
H)Since the precursor of ABA production in the body are carrotens, intense carrot juicing is also a related cure. One of the ABA pioneers, Dr. Livingston, ran a successful clinic in California till her rather unexpected death using crushed raw liver with carrot juice as the main curing agent.

One of the major functions of ABA appears to be its capacity to scavenge not free oxidative radicals, That theory is finally being recognized as false, but by scavenging hydroxyl radical OH, which causes severe primary chelation of calcium and magnesium from blood serum with any inflammation in the body from whatever cause, even with correct blood pH and even with high blood pH, which body supplements from the bone reserves removing from them calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and copper, to name the most important ones. One ABA molecule can pick up at least 3 OH groups. This can actually be also achieved by drinking water bubbled through (enriched) by hydrogen, or by breathing it regularly. Hydrogen would actually do this for us, if our intestinal flora were not screwed up by the lousy diets and Antibiotics .

I apologize for being so curt, but time is rather scarce and all info can be gotten on the net.

BTW, mentioning the never really proven oxidative stress theory from 1956, even orthodox sources from the West are beginning to realize, that it has been a total clinical fiasco. But, the groundwork has been done i Russia at least 30 years ago and Japan has been cottoning up during the last 10 years. Oxidative radicals, especially H2O2, NO group and any metallic peroxides are essential to our oxidative (read cellular breathing) and processing of compounds not oxidable by O2. What needs to be addressed is the hydroxyl group OH, which is the real reason behind ischemic injuries and during any inflammation, be it caused by bacteria, virus, radiation or poisoning.


P.S. And please, before you object, do your homework.

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