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Re: Anyone know how to get rid of external hemroids?
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Anyone know how to get rid of external hemroids?

When people say to someone that they are a pain in the ass, I believe that they are referring to this condition. There are varying degrees for them, especially the internal kind. There are three areas, both internal and external where they form, do most likely you have an internal one that has also merged or developed an external one as well. Here's the issue, they are troublesome and do come back from time to time depending on your lifestyle, diet and activity.

I HATE seeing blood when I wipe after a bowel movement, and the ironic thing is that it is because of the hems that I fear. I do not consider worse conditions. I dislike the inconvenience of them which they are. It is almost like a wound that never truly heals and is prone to re-injury from time to time.

What to do about them? It depends on how bad they are and how bad they disrupt your quality of life. That is what we are all striving for isn't it? A better quality of life free from hassle and inconvenience?

The one true-sure way to no longer have issues is to have them removed. However, the irony is that WE ALL have them because they are a part of our anatomy and our function when defecating. The veins, in their healthy state, swell and provide a cushion to the intestines as the fecal matter exits our bodies. It is when, through diet or other factors such as diarrhea and constipation, that the veins can become irritated and weakened resulting in them becoming engorged with blood. While this is more of a natural healing method of the body, because of our fascination with butt problems and making jokes about them, we develop a phobic and anxiety ridden issue with natural things. If your nose bled because of a build up of something, you think nothing of it, when it is in a rectal area, you freak out. I do too. I hate it and it has created a mess in my life.

Surgery is the sure way to rid yourself of these issues. But, you are also taking away that cushioning designed by nature to allow the fecal matter to exit the body without resistance. Because of constipation, dehydration and diet, often times the fecal matter is too dry, compact and rough to be passed without issue and the rubbing, pulling and grabbing of the intestinal tissue causes the veins to weaken. The Western Diet is horrible and I am a victim of it as well. If you do not want to have issues, and you do not want to go through surgery, you need change your dietary lifestyle.

This mean. NO caffeine in the form of soft drinks and sugar, and no more than one cup a day. Plenty of soluble fiber. Insoluble fiber is good but not in a large quantity because it does not absorb water. Soluble fiber takes on water and the water remains in the fiber making is softer but still firmer. When you take on fiber, take in in a ratio you find that works for your body and not all at once. An overload of fiber can create aggressive rubbing of the body. Drink plenty of water. Avoid alcohol. If you do drink alcohol, have one glass followed by a glass of water in the same amount. 12 oz. of alcohol, drink 12 oz. of water afterwards before the next alcoholic drink.

Eliminate stress from you life. Easier said than done, but stress can cause the sphincter muscles to remain tight causing a smaller hole for the fecal matter to exit because of the tension.

Do not sit for prolonged periods of time.

This conditions is horrible. The bad thing is that we live in an environment where it is difficult to follow many of the needs to eliminate the issues. Otherwise, we wouldn't have them. Pressure from family, society, work, etc, causes much of the things that cause us the issues that create the hems.

Good luck!

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