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Re: *graphic* Parasite embedded in throat?
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: *graphic* Parasite embedded in throat?

Thank you so much for the advice! You actually did make me feel a little bit better. :) Believe it or not, I actually did manage to get my nerve up and tried to get it out with tweezers. Honestly, I really REALLY wish I hadn't at this point bc it was SO traumatizing.. I cried like a baby when I realized that I actually had pulled something out. Lol.. Turns out it wasn't one big worm, (as I had thought)... Instead, it came out in pieces. And the pieces looked like... larvae? Or worse.. The m-word. Lol I seriously cannot bring myself to type that word out knowing that I may have something that disgusting in my freaking THROAT?!? How is that even possible??!? Or is it possible? It makes no sense whatsoever because I have always been SO ocd about brushing my teeth and swishing mouthwash- I mean, I think I even floss way more than the average human. Lol oh And I mean maggots, by the way. BLEHK ^^ Every time I even read that word I instantly get sick to my stomach. :/ I tried to take a few good pictures of what I was able to dislodge, but warning- it's horrible. I'll post those to show you. Maybe it'll be easier for you to see them better than when they were actually hiding in a dark hole in my throat. Lol.. Oh and the deal with the idiot doctor- I went around a month ago when all of these things had just began to happen, so none of my now serious symptoms (like my throat) had come about yet. I say he's an idiot because of the fact that I spoke with his nurse (whom had my results in her hand at the time), and she told me my results came back 4/5 negative for "reasons they didn't understand". Not her fault, just the idiot doctors fault who sat directly in front of me lied straight to my face. He told me everything came back negative and that I should be relieved by this and that I should begin to start feeling a lot better, blah blah blah. Ok, yes, that would be wonderful news IF all of my symptoms had magically gone away, but NOPE, they're still here. But of course, I'm just acting crazy and being dramatic.. (Courtesy of my mom, dad, bf, grandparents). That sucks the most because everyone in my family knows, but I'm still 100% alone in this because I've finally just stopped going to any of them for help and emotional support because it always turns into a fight about tired they are over how ridiculous I'm acting. Sorry this post was ridiculously long. :( But I do have a question for you- you said you had whipworm migrate into your lung area, did you ever start hacking up ridiculous amounts of pleghm? Because that's one of my main symptoms and I've noticed my sputum being very, very thick and stretchy-like. This is weird but I've found that when I move the clumps (which kind of looks like white worms to me) around or poke it with a toothpick, there's always this stringy stuff that looks exactly like a blonde hair when stretched out.. It's like they start as a solid clump and get skinnier and skinnier on the way down, sort of like a tail I guess.. Is that kind of what whipworms look like? I've googled them and they do appear to be similar to what mine look like.

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