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Quest for the Cures video series now showing-documentary alternative health
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Published: 8 years ago
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Quest for the Cures video series now showing-documentary alternative health

Note to those who have not read the previous email..I hesitate to post this as do not want people to lose hope but this is one of the most difficult cancer to heal.  He does give a case history of what he did to help one women with it be very successful and of course he did the complete incurables program with it besides what he did here.

I can send more info on that, But wanted to post this disclaimer if you feel this will harm you to know. please do not read it. But there is some worthwhile info if you can get past that and if the quest for the cure videos are still up I can send the link to watch those to gain some more powerful info and also Dr Schulze general cancer series who had an overall cure rate of 90% but this and another cancer had the least success due to its very aggressive nature but I figure most people already know that

to the poster above, I think you are very smart to not do the doctor treatments as often this hastens death and makes it more difficult and go to herbdocblog and on the left of the screen look for search by disease and click on pancreatic and even though the prognosis is very grim you will see that your choice was best. then on let of screen scroll to search by disease and then pancreatic cancer ..also check out cancer on the right of the screen his free ebook is there there are no incurable diseases It seems after reading this that one has a far better chance of healing if they are not taking Dr treatments but if they are done many of his patients were sent home to die and doctors could no heal them so do the programs even if you did the Dr treatments but think about what he said about the difficulty of detoxing when you are putting poisons into your body.


didn't the quest videos have someone who cured form pancreatic cancer ?? I would try to eat away the protein coating protecting the cancer cells by loading up on pancreatic enzymes and mostly fruits an veggies and juices as there enzymes that eat this coating away Anne Frahm of cancer battle plan film and book had cancer in nearly every bones in her body, was given a one in a million chance to survive, had cancer eat through her spine and cause fractures and did everything..mastectomies, chemo, radiation, and bone marrow transplant and none of it worked and she had the worst odds ever yet she went on a health building program and prayer and within 5 weeks the doctors found zero trace of cancer. and she remained cancer free for at least 7 years..she did die of cancer 10 years after the one in a million odds but her husband who also David Frahm wrote the book cancer battle plan sourcebook attributes it to other issues like the 200 blood transfusions she got etc. so there is hope and don't forget it..have to work quicker is all / seems God is leading you the way and answering prayers that you found curezone this quest series and Dr Schulze one of the greatest healers of the past have to find a way to put it all together and do it..I am having a lot of problems with this myself. also be sure to be drinking half your body weight in water and take half a teas of sea salt for every ten glasses of water or a quarter teas for every quart of needs to be a good salt like real salt or hymalain sea salt (source -your body;'s many cries for water..he also has a book I have not read yet where he correlates both diabetes and cancer to dehydration..having a dry mouth is the last sign of dehydration and most of us are dehydrated so don't forget this


ere is more on dr schulze's incurables program;_ylu=X3oDMTEzOGk2MHNk...

 I am putting the chapter on pancreatic cancer from the save-your-life manula in the nexty post


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