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An amazing iodine success story by Phoebe_adq
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Published: 6 years ago
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An amazing iodine success story by Phoebe_adq

 Well as some of you know my presence on this forum has been sporadic at best for quite some time now. I'm just now going through my inbox and I found this gem. Phoebe_adq is a long time poster, we haven't heard from her for a while. This message is dated 22 months ago so she messaged me to alert me of it's presence as it is buried at the end of a 7 year old thread...

Here's Phoebe's posting history. I'll follow this post with a few copy/pastes of some other highlights of her journey...

And Phoebe, honey, if you read this.... RIGHT ON!!!!!! So happy for you :-)

    • Re: I'm in shock -- my hormones are normal   Phoebe_adq   22mo  603  

      Date: 4/4/2013 11:54:48 PM   ( 22mo ago )   Hits:   603 
      I can't believe it's taken me so long to update this post. I thought seeing my hormones normalize was shocking, four years later I recieved an even greater shock!

      I'd been using progesterone cream to help keep my cycles regular, though some months they'd be regular on their own. I felt like they were regular enough that I could maybe get pregnant and at age 44, no longer had that desire. (I'd even talked about birth control with my husband, something we hadn't needed during our entire marriage -- PCOS took care of that for us.)

      December 2012 comes along, we're preparing to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary, and an odd thing happened. I was expecting my period to start--felt very PMS-y, and instead had this huge hormone shift that left me feeling really good. I thought maybe menopause had hit and if it was menopause, it wasn't so bad :-)

      It took a week before I tested and a week more before the shock wore off and the excitement set in -- I was pregnant for the first time ever.

      My pregnancy was uneventful, no Sugar issues even with my history of insulin resistance, no preterm problems due to my "advanced maternal age". Our healthy baby girl was born last August :-)

      I credit my Iodine supplementation with being the small change my body needed to repair itself. It took 5 years after my initial heavy dosing, with very little supplementation after that. Any time I contemplate a change, I remember that Iodine was a small change I made that had huge benefits. It wasn't a lifelong commitment, and the results certainly improved my life far beyond my greatest expectations. It helps motivate me to take other small steps in improving my health.

      Thank you again to the people in this forum. Without you I wouldn't have found the Lugal's I needed and without Lugal's, I wouldn't have my precious chunky-monkey of a daughter :-)
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